Education abroad has taken a completely new turn post the Covid-19 outbreak. Many students who used to prefer the US or Australia are now turning towards Canada to study abroad. And why not, MBA in Canada can open an array of opportunities for students. Apart from promising good education, it offers better work possibilities and options for Permanent residency as well. The same is clearly reflected in the graphical representation below.

ROI of top Business Schools in Canada

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Requirements for MBA in Canada

If you believe that getting an MBA in Canada is simple, you are mistaken! However, at the same time, the payoff is excellent. A lot of programmes last one or two years and offer job prospects upon completion. In addition, MBA colleges in Canada offer fewer application requirements than American or European B-schools.

If you want to study in the best business schools in Canada, you should familiarise yourself with all of the prerequisites for a successful application. Moreover, you can join a comprehensive program at Endeavor Career to prepare for GMAT and IELTS together. Let us look at all the common requirements to study at the best MBA colleges in Canada.

1. GMAT and GPA

To be qualified to pursue MBA in Canada, you will need to take the GMAT, just like any other study abroad MBA programme. The advantage here is that an admission into MBA in Canada for Indian students is comparatively easier. GMAT requirement for the online MBA Canada is lesser than other countries. The same is true for the GPA’s as well.

With a GMAT score of 675 and a 3.5 GPA, getting into Harvard is extremely difficult. However, the same scores can pave your way to the University of Toronto MBA.


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2. Work Experience

If you are applying to the top Business schools in Canada, full time work experience is a must. However, certain business schools in Canada will admit students to MBA programmes even if they have no prior work experience. Moreover, some business schools admissions committees analyse the qualitative aspects of your work experience. Whether you have worked for a top multinational or a startup, matters.


For admissions into the top MBA colleges in Canada, IELTS is needed as confirmation of English language proficiency. IELTS and TOEFL are both widely accepted by all universities across the country, however IELTS is often favoured. In IELTS, the average requirement is 6.5 bands, with a minimum of 6.0 in each module.

4. Letter of Recommendation

To apply for the best MBA colleges in Canada, applicants must submit a letter of recommendation or evaluation attesting to their abilities and expertise. While most B-schools do not have rigid requirements in this area, they do play a significant part in your selection. So, make sure you devote enough time to prepare your LOR’s.

All You Need To Know About GMAT Preparation

The Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) is an entrance exam for MBA candidates interested in applying to management and business schools (MBA) all over the world. GMAT is a common measure to gauge an applicant’s ability to take graduate-level academic studies.

GMAT exam Syllabus and Sections

The GMAT exam is a three and a half hours test with a maximum score of 800 points. It has four sections. Under these four parts of the GMAT syllabus, there are around 50 topics. The verbal reasoning component covers reading comprehension, sentence correction, and critical reasoning, while the quantitative reasoning section covers data sufficiency and problem-solving tasks.

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Analytical Writing

This section tests the candidate’s critical thinking and communication skills. Here, you are required to write an essay in English on any of the given topics as a response to an argument or on the given issue.

Integrated Reasoning

This component assesses the applicants’ ability to assess data provided in the form of a graph or table. The subsections of this component include GMAT Table Analysis, GMAT Two-Part Analysis, GMAT Multi-Source Reasoning and GMAT Graphics Interpretation. There are up to 12 questions in these four sub-sections, and applicants have 30 minutes to complete them.

Quantitative Aptitude Section

The quantitative aptitude questions are objective type and will have multiple choice answers. With a total of 31 questions to be solved in 62 minutes, this component is further divided into two subsections – Problem solving and Data sufficiency. The major topics are from Arithmetic, Elementary Algebra and Geometry.

Verbal Reasoning Section

The Verbal Reasoning section has 36 multiple-choice questions to be answered in 65 minutes. This component evaluates the candidates’ command of the English language. The sub-sections include Critical Reasoning, Reading Comprehension, and Sentence Correction.

Recent Changes in GMAT Exam Pattern 2021

The following are the most recent modifications to the GMAT syllabus for 2021:


  1. In the revised GMAT syllabus, there are more conversion questions.
  2. Additional questions containing phrases such as ‘both’ and ‘neither’
  3. The GMAT Geometry section now includes coordinate geometry.
  4. The GMAT AWA section has been included in the GMAT Online Exam, as well as the syllabus.

Preparation Tips

Candidates can pick from GMAT Official Guide 2021: Book for comprehensive GMAT syllabus preparation. Apart from this, aspirants can follow the below tips to crack GMAT and study abroad.


  1. Since Business school applications have a lot of components to prepare for, You must start your GMAT preparation early. Start studying for the GMAT exam at least six months before the test date.
  2. If you have a limited amount of time and feel the need for professional supervision to ensure a competitive edge in GMAT exam preparation, then enrolling in a GMAT coaching centre near you is the best option.
  3. There are a plethora of exam prep options accessible, but choose your materials wisely.
  4. Practice a lot and give enough mocks to analyse your results. This might assist you in assessing your strengths and identifying your areas of weakness.
  5. Mental maths is a useful skill for saving time. Make it a part of your study routine.
  6. Since time management is an important aspect of GMAT preparation, start taking timed mock tests as soon as you can.

Ready to Hit your Target GMAT Score?

Canada is one of the most popular destinations for Indian students seeking an MBA abroad. If you are planning to pursue your MBA in Canada, we hope this article was able to clear all your doubts regarding GMAT preparation. However, if you want to explore an ideal platform for realising your dreams of studying MBA abroad, reach out to Endeavor Careers for a free consultation!

Through our Education Abroad Consulting Service, you get end-to-end guidance when applying to top business schools in Canada.


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