CAT 2021 Which Section can Pave Your to The IIMs

MBA entrance exams, being a gateway to admissions in the top B schools in India are continually gaining attention. Lakhs of IIM aspirants take CAT every year to pursue Masters of Business Administration across several domains of expertise. With the latest CAT 2021 notification, the selection criterion for admission to esteemed IIM courses is announced and the countdown has begun.

According to the new guidelines by IIM Ahmedabad, which is to conduct the CAT 2021 exam this year, 65% of the weightage will be given to the CAT exam itself. Having said that, a majority of your time should go into online CAT preparation. With regards to work experience, candidates with a work experience of 36 months will be awarded the maximum points.

Furthermore, the candidate’s personal interview performance is to hold 50% weightage in the calculation of the final composite score. Hence, a top-notch preparation of GD-PI sessions and one-to-one mentoring is quintessential. The below image depicts the stepwise selection process for top IIMs.

Image source – Bschool.careers360

Acing the IIM CAT syllabus seems difficult, but with the right attitude and a winning strategy you can master your CAT preparation in the coming months. Knowing the latest resources, methodology, and mediums to boost your preparation is extremely crucial to get into the top IIM in India.

Is Cracking the CAT Exam Tough? 

Cracking the CAT exam is not difficult. The extremely tight competition and increasing stakes make it look very challenging. Over 2.30 lakh candidates registered for CAT last year, resulting in quite tough competition. The graph below depicts the rising number of candidates and competition over the years.


Image Source – Collegedunia

To understand the difficulty of the IIM entrance exam let us first understand what is CAT and how you can get into the best IIM in India.

What is CAT?

Common Admissions Test is a computer-based selection test that acts as a gateway to the best IIMs and other B-schools in India. It consists of 76 questions divided fairly amongst 3 sections. Below is the detailed description of the 3 sections:

1. Verbal Ability & Reading Comprehension (VA & RC) 

This section has 26 questions and the difficulty level varies from moderate to high level. Candidates with good reading habits and clear concepts of basic roots of words and grammar can easily achieve a decent percentile in the VA section. You can master your CAT exam preparation by diligently following a strategy for VARC. The expected topic-wise weightage for VARC topics is shown below.

Image Source- Collegedekho

2. Logical Reasoning & Data Interpretation (LR & DI)

This section has 24 questions and the difficulty level varies from moderate to high level. LR & DI questions are usually long, time-consuming, and complicated, making it tricky for everyone. A comprehensive LR-DI booster can truly help you on the D-day. The pie chart below depicts the expected weightage of the topics in Data interpretation and Logical reasoning.

Image Source – Collegedekho

3. Quantitative Ability (QA)

This section has 26 questions and the difficulty level varies from moderate to high level. Preparing for quants is considered to be one of the most difficult tasks for non-engineering background candidates. A well-defined strategy and plan are important to dominate your percentile in the Quant section. The pie chart below shows the different topics in quant and their weightage in CAT 2021.

Image Source – Collegedekho

How does preparation for the above sections help you ace other management entrance exams?

The very first choice of every MBA aspirant is to crack CAT and get into an IIMs. However, other national-level management entrance exams such as NMAT, CMAT, SNAP, MICAT, or XAT also can get you admission to the top coveted colleges. Also, the syllabus and exam pattern for CAT and other management entrance exams are quite similar. The CAT Magic Toolkit offered by Endeavor Careers is a comprehensive guide for CAT and other management entrance exams.

Which is the easiest and the most difficult section in CAT?

On the whole, The LRDI section seems the most difficult section in your IIM preparation. The unpredictability and unforeseeability of the section make it the toughest nut to crack.

However, Unlike VARC and LRDI, Quant is the only section in CAT that has a predefined and structured syllabus. Since it covers everything that one studies till Class 12, making it the easiest section to prepare for.

Quantitative Aptitude preparation of CAT incorporates a predefined strategy and a structured process that helps you to prepare for each topic systematically. Your online CAT coaching should include a fine strategy on quants, backed up with professional guidance, which is the expertise of Endeavor Careers.

5 Tips to Ace your Quant Preparation for CAT 2021

Quant is one section in which you can be in the driving seat. Here are some tips to master your quant preparation in less than 4 months.

1.Basics on the go

Make a conscious effort to learn theory from basic ideas of fundamental maths. In mathematics, every topic is built upon another topic. Hence you must dig deep into the fundamentals of each concept to be proficient in quants. 

2.Focus on Mental Maths

After deep-diving into the basics, practice math in your head without using a pen, paper, or a calculator. It can help you understand the math concepts better and get to the answers faster. It is also said to improve mental capability, speed of response, memory power, and concentration.

3.Keep your Shortcut Techniques Handy

Working on your shortcut techniques during the preparation time is critical. Since CAT preparation is more about time management and speed, shortcut techniques can come in handy to ace your quant preparation.

4.Skimming is Important

Sorting out the doable and not doable questions on the d-day can benefit you in numerous ways. You spend your time and effort on questions you are sure about. This improves your accuracy and increases your chances of a higher percentile in quant.

5.Follow the 2-minute rule

Since you have to solve 76 questions in 120 mins, the average time you can devote to a question is 1 minute 58 seconds. The 2-minute rule implies that if it is taking more than 2 minutes to solve a question, swiftly move onto the next one. 

Let’s Hack the CAT

To enter the best IIM in India, mock tests play a vital role along with a devoted lifestyle and a clear-cut strategy. The post-covid world requires management skills more than ever. And an IIM MBA can land you a plethora of benefits. From the entrance examinations to admissions, Endeavor Careers is your one-stop destination for entry to the IIMs. Our experienced faculty and a perfect blend of online study material and GD-PI drills enhance your CAT preparation and make you exam-ready. Enroll now to hack the CAT 2021.


1.Which section can help you increase your overall percentile in the CAT exam?

Amongst all the three sections, quantitative aptitude is the most predictable section in terms of syllabus and structure. Additionally, skimming the doable and undoable questions is feasible in Quants. Working hard in this section can bring your overall percentile up in the CAT exam.

2.Is the CAT exam difficult to crack?

The CAT exam seems more difficult than it actually is due to the huge number of candidates and a limited number of seats. With the right strategy and expert mentorship, you can crack CAT easily.

3.What section requires the most amount of practice?

Comparing the three sections, the LRDI section is the most challenging one. Due to the unpredictability, you might not be able to solve all questions with high accuracy in the exam. However, everyday practice and incorporating tricks and techniques in your LRDI preparation can help you ace the exam.

4.How difficult is Quants in CAT?

Quants can be very difficult for some candidates, especially non-engineers. However, acing the quants section calls for only 2 things – Speed and Accuracy. A regular amount of practice and shortcut techniques can prepare you well for quants.

5.What is a good score for quants in cat?

An average score of 45 is considered good in quants. With a negative marking of 1 mark for every incorrect answer, the section has to be solved with high accuracy and time management. It is not necessary to answer all questions. Solving 24-26 questions can fetch you the desired percentile.


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