One of the most significant things you’ll need to account for while investigating business school admissions requirements for your education abroad is studying for the GMAT exam. GMAT or GRE is one of the major components sketching out your MBA application preparations. Getting into the top B-schools would require a strong GMAT score. Not only does it help you stand out in the admission process, but also enables you to qualify for scholarship opportunities.

While GMAT is the first obstacle students face, a lot of students encounter chaos and confusion around it. From wondering if the exam is really important to how to prepare for it, aspirants are always looking for answers. This article aims to throw light on the importance of the GMAT exam and help aspirants form a solid study plan.

What is the Importance of GMAT in an MBA Application?

For the majority of business schools, the GMAT or GRE is employed as a qualifier alongside other factors such as SOP, work experience, CV, academic record, and so on. It is one data point, and certainly, an important one. The below image shows the importance of the GMAT as an exam.

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The GMAT is an analytical exam that measures your ability to think critically and to communicate your ideas. This adaptive test requires the ability to understand a question, analyze it accurately and fast, and complete the work. This is what makes the test a robust way to judge students. A high test score in GMAT positively correlates to good performance in business school. Hence, admission committees of top business schools prefer the GMAT as an integral part of the business school application process.

Self Study vs GMAT Prep Course

While GMAT preparation does seem daunting at first, an effective test prep strategy can set you up for success. As a part of your preparation, you might choose to talk to study abroad consultants and weigh your options.

To formulate the right strategy for your GMAT preparation, you can either choose to study on your own or take up an online GMAT preparation course. Either way, the idea is to know the material, test structure, and improve your practice so you can get that score you want.

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Set yourself up for success if you feel comfortable studying on your own. Create a manageable schedule, take practice tests periodically, study in hourly sessions, multiple times a week, and keep a track of your progress.

However, if you choose to take up a GMAT prep course, it can connect you with a live teacher or pre-recorded sessions. The coaching team will walk you through the GMAT preparation process from beginning to end.

While studying alone may do wonders for someone, it can also leave others in despair. Hence, every student should have a different strategy, catering to their preparation needs. Take a diagnostic test from Endeavor Careers to formulate the correct strategy for your GMAT preparation.

5 Reasons to Take a GMAT Prep Course

Choosing a reputed coaching institute that coaches you directly can ramp up your GMAT preparation. They make sure you have the resources you need for each step along the way to succeed.

Here are the top 5 reasons why we advise aspirants to sign up for a GMAT prep course.

1. A Lot of Practice

Signing up for a GMAT class automatically improves your practice than you would have if you prepared on your own. Your tutor will expect you to take a lot of practice tests. Similarly, you will want to match with the level of your peers. In order to help you learn each problem type, the tutors push you towards more and more practice.

2. Exam Structure and Materials

A GMAT preparation class helps you better understand the structure of the exam. The coaches walk you through each section, problem types, and the way to think about each problem type. With a prep course, you’ll want to get to the point where determining what a challenge is asking and then accurately answering it is second nature. Moreover, there is an abundance of test prep resources available, and not all of these resources add value. The coaching institutes navigate through the GMAT Official prep guide and personalize your GMAT prep plan.

3. Improved Timing

The GMAT practice tests are timed, which means they require you to be efficient in your answers. Quality coaching can help you learn shortcuts and time-saving tricks to enhance productivity. This enables you to comprehend questions quickly and improve your timing in the actual GMAT exam.

4. Develops Confidence

Studying on your own for the GMAT can be demotivating at times. Low scores in the GMAT mock tests or study overload are major reasons for the same. With a fine course or tutor, natural confidence develops within you as you prepare for the GMAT. They help you to look at mistakes as a chance to learn. You become a confident test taker as you focus more on your strengths rather than your weaknesses.

5. Better Focus and Discipline

Studying for the GMAT is more about the process than any other aspect. The practice tests are designed in a certain way. The prep courses make sure you devote your time and attention regularly to crack the GMAT exam. You also learn how to approach your studying and keep away from distractions to prepare efficiently.

Ready to Ace Your GMAT Preparation?

As you embark on your journey for a master’s abroad, make an educated decision by researching your options and selecting the best path forward. Give a diagnostic test to examine your performance and then decide what adds value to your preparation.

Contact Endeavour Careers today if you are ready to receive exclusive content, GMAT prep materials, and customized preparation. We make sure that we understand your needs and work out the right GMAT prep strategy for you.

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