Education abroad is a lifetime dream of a lot of students. However, being accepted in a regular MBA is a significantly difficult task. The top MBA colleges require exceptional academic performance and phenomenal scores in the GMAT and GRE exams. A lot of students apply to their dream universities but end up making compromises along the way. 

However, with the right direction and career counselling, students can achieve their dream to pursue masters abroad. It is wiser to consider taking the online path when a regular MBA seems to be an uphill battle. Getting into the top online MBA programs at IVY league schools is easier than a residential MBA program. However, that doesn’t mean online programs are somehow inferior. The degree offered has the same credibility in all aspects. 

Key Changes Witnessed in The Admission Criteria for Top Online MBA Programs

2022 witnessed a major change in terms of GMAT and GRE submissions. A survey from Poets and Quants reports – most students did not report scores from graduate tests in nearly all major programs. Both GMAT and GRE are still a prominent part of the admissions process. This emphasises the fact that students must keep their best foot forward when it comes to GMAT and GRE preparation.

The University of Washington asked about 75% of its 2022 online MBA students to submit GMAT (33%) or GRE (42%) scores. Moreover, only 13 of the 52 schools surveyed had 10% or more students take the GMAT this year. This accounts for only 25% of all B-schools. This is less than just over 33% of the B-schools last year and 50% of the top-ranked schools in 2020. The survey also showed that only 8 out of 52 B-schools had 10% or more of students delivering the GRE.

The Fall in Global GMAT Score Submissions in 2022 

This year saw a downfall of 65.2 points as compared to last year’s average GMAT scores collected. While last year’s GMAT average score was 649.4, it came down to 584.2 this year. And, the number of B-schools that collected GMAT scores for online MBA programs came down to 39 from 42. 

The Hankamer School of Business at Baylor University had the highest average GMAT score of 690 compared to 687 in 2021. Despite that, only 0.97% of the university’s students reported the GMAT at the time of admissions.

With a significant 41% of students opting for the GMAT test, Carnegie Mellon University is at second position with an average score of 684. Amongst all the ivy league schools, the best one in terms of overall rankings is the University of Southern California (Marshall). It had the 10th highest score on the GMAT (619) with 10 per cent of students reporting.

The below are other top 4 Ivy League schools with the average GMAT scores.

B-school Average GMAT Score Students Reporting
Indiana University (Kelley) 655 19 per cent
University of North Carolina (Kenan-Flagler) 660 2 per cent
Rice University (Jones) 639 5.6 per cent
University of Washington (Foster) 618 33 per cent

Overall GRE Submissions for top Online MBA Programs

Out of 52 schools surveyed by Poets and Quants, 37 of them had at least a few students who had given the GRE exam. With an average score of 304.2, the average GRE student performance fell down to 7.64% from 11.6% in last year’s ranking.

With only 10% of the students having GRE, CMU Tepper had the best top average (verbal plus quantitative) standing at 324. However, the college last year had about 21% of students submitting the GRE scores.

The University of Washington bagged the highest percentage of students (42%) reporting GRE scores. Arizona State University (WP Carey) took second place with 32% students and the University of Texas-Dallas (Naveen Jindal) at third with 20%.

The below are other top 4 Ivy League schools boasting the top GRE average scores

B-school Average GRE Score Students Reporting
University of North Carolina (Kenan-Flagler) 318 2 per cent
University of Wisconsin Consortium 317 9.45 per cent
Baylor University (Hankamer) 315 1.45 per cent
American University (Kogod) 315 0.54 per cent

Undergrad GPA Scores as an Admission Factor for Online MBAs 

While the GMAT and GRE scores were down, the only metric that rose was the GPAs. Despite the fact that most universities grant exemptions from graduate-level admissions tests, students’ previous academic performance still seems to be important.

Out of the 52 colleges surveyed, Ohio University had the highest average undergraduate GPA. Increasing from 3.2 (in 2021), the university settled for a 3.8 this year. Worcester Polytechnic Institute, which ranked highest in the average GPA last year (3.54) was ranked 14th in this year’s GPA (3.39).

We have mentioned some other top online MBAs in terms of GPA below. 

B-school Average GPAs
University of Texas-Dallas 3.54
University of Massachusetts-Lowell 3.42 
Washington State University 3.42 
University of Washington (Foster) 3.55


Not constrained by physical space limitations, online MBAs have greater flexibility than their brick-and-mortar counterparts. The above scores are evident that B-schools use GMAT and GRE exams as quantifiers when choosing new students for their online MBA programs.

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