CLAT 2019 Exam Analysis

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CLAT 2019 Exam Analysis

Overview of CLAT 2019:

Total Questions: 200 | Total Duration: 120 minutes | Marking: +1 for Correct answer and – 0.25 for Incorrect answer

Section 1: Verbal Ability

Total Questions : 40

Vocabulary and related questions dominated the Verbal Ability & Reading Comprehension (VA & RC) section as usual. This year 4-5 questions on Idioms & Phrases,  6-7 questions on Identifying the Correct Spelling, 4-5 questions on Foreign Words were asked. These questions can be categorized in the range of Easy to Moderate difficulty level. There were five questions on Para-Jumbles asked, each with four sentences to be arranged in logical order. 

The weightage of Grammar increased after a long time this year. An approximate 6-8 questions on Grammar were asked where the students had to identify the grammatically correct version of a single sentence from four given versions. 

There were 10 questions asked on Reading Comprehension with a passage on ‘Inventions and Innovations’. The questions asked were fairly direct and easy with only one or two indirect questions such as tone of the passage.

All in all, any one targeting the top law schools should have devoted around 25 minutes to the section with 35+ attempts with a good score of 31-32. 

Good attempts: 35+

Good score: 32

Section 2:  Logical Reasoning

Total Questions: 40

This section focused more on Analytical Reasoning. There were 3 puzzle-based questions. The one on circular table of 8 people was easy and straight forward. The other puzzles were based on scheduling of lecture on 7 days of the week and on vehicles and drivers.

There was equal weightage given to other Analytical Reasoning topics like Direction Sense, Blood Relation, Coding-Decoding and Odd-One-Out etc. Most of these questions were easy and doable in less than a minute. The 4 questions asked on Number Series were easy.

Analogy, Statement-Assumption, Statement-Conclusion, Statement & Course of Action and Critical Reasoning completed rest of the section. Questions were evenly distributed among these topics. There were 5 Syllogism-based questions also which were easy and could have been done in less than a minute.  

Overall this section can be considered Easy to Moderate. Ideal time for this section can be 30 minutes. Good attempts should be 35+ with good score be around 30.

Good attempts: 35+

Good score: 30

Section 3:  Elementary Mathematics

Total questions: 20

Mathematics section this year was one of the easiest sections in last many CLATs. The section was dominated by arithmetic questions with 12 out of 20 question being asked from topics such as Percentage, Profit & Loss, Ratio & Proportion, Averages, Time & Work and Time Speed & Distance. There was one direct question from Alligations and Mixture in which two quantities were mixed and student had to find out the ratio.

There was one question each from Clocks, Calendar, Numbers and Mensuration, all of which were easy.

Overall, aspirants would have found this section easy. Ideal attempts would be around 16+. A good score can be considered to be around 14+. Ideal time to be allocated could be around 15 minutes.

Good attempts: 16+

Good score: 14+

Section 4:  General Knowledge

Total questions: 50

General Knowledge section this year was dominated by Current Affairs. Except just 4-5 questions (Red Planet, ‘Father of Local Govts. in India’, Earth Day and HQ of Asian Development Bank etc.), rest of the paper was almost entirely based on Current Affairs. This made the section easier compared to the last few years. 

Most of the questions in GK section were easy and straightforward. The major themes covered were:

  1. National & International News
  2. Awards & Recognition
  3. Days & Dates
  4. Books & Authors
  5. Persons-in-News and
  6. Sports etc.

There were no major surprises in the GK section and most of the anticipated areas had questions based on them. For example, there were many questions on ongoing Elections (Total number of phases in Lok Sabha election, number of states having Assembly elections along with Lok Sabha election, meaning of Psephology etc.), Mission Shakti, Cleanest City in India, Seoul Peace Prize etc. The CLAT committee continued the trend of asking questions from Science & Technology (esp. Space & Defence Technology). 

In overall analysis, the GK section can be termed Easy to Moderate. For a student following the current affairs regularly, 40+ attempts with 33+ score is easily achievable.

Good attempts: 40+

Good score: 33+

Section 5:  Legal Aptitude

Total Questions: 50

This section was reassuring yet lengthy for this year’s test-takers. Legal aptitude section was comprised entirely of Facts-Principle based questions. Most of the questions were from Contracts (16 Questions) and Criminal law (13 Questions). Torts (11 Questions) and Miscellaneous Questions (10 Questions) were other areas covered. There were 5-7 questions from Principle-Facts which were quite lengthy and tricky to attempt. These questions would have demanded a lot of patience to read and understand the questions in the limited amount of time. Many questions were from past year papers with little or no modifications. Expected areas like vicarious liability, negligence, theft, etc. were tested, however there was no question from Constitutional Law or Legal Knowledge.

Overall section was of Easy to Moderate difficulty level, a good attempt would be around 37 questions in 35 minutes with a good score of 35+. 

Good attempts: 37+

Good score: 35


Elementary Mathematics 20 15  Moderate to Tough 16+ 14+
Legal Aptitude 50 35  Easy to Moderate 37+ 35+
Logical Reasoning 40 35  Moderate 35+ 30+
English & Comprehension 40 25  Easy to moderate 35+ 32+
General Knowledge & Current Affairs 50 10  Moderate 40+ 33+
Total 200 120 Easy to Moderate 163+ 144+
Predicted scores for Total Score
Top 50 Rank 144
Top 100 Rank 139
Top 200 Rank 136
Top 300 Rank 129.5
Top 400 Rank 123.75
Top 500 Rank 121
Top 600 Rank 118.25
Top 700 Rank 116
Top 800 Rank 114
Top 900 Rank 112.25
Top 1000 Rank 110.75
Top 1200 Rank 109.5
Top 1500 Rank 108.5
Top 1800 Rank 106.25
Top 2000 Rank 103.25
Top 2500 Rank 101
Top 3000 Rank 99.5
Top 3500 Rank 96
Top 4000 Rank 93.5
Top 4500 Rank 90.75
Top 5000 Rank 88.5

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