CAT 2019 Exam Analysis

Check out the first impression of CAT 2019 Exam Analysis below, followed by detailed sectional analysis and cut-offs for CAT 2019.

 CAT 2019 Exam Video Analysis – Slot 1

CAT 2019 Exam Analysis – Slot 1

The morning slot of CAT 2019 produced a standard test which was very similar to CAT 2018 with a small change in the difficulty level in the Verbal section. Aspirants who were worried about some shockers in the CAT 2019 paper, were relieved to see Quant and LR DI sections nearly matching last year’s difficulty levels.

There was no change in the basic structure in any of the sections with respect to last year.

The sectional, in-depth CAT 2019 Exam analysis is as follows:


With 24 RC questions and 10 non-RC questions, the overall format was as per the expectations. We received 4 RCs having 5 Qs each and one RC with 4 Qs alike CAT 2018. There were 4 Qs of jumbled sentences, 3 Qs of Summary and 3 Qs of finding the odd statement.

The biggest change in CAT 2019 was the difficulty level of Reading Comprehensions. Only one RC can be considered easy. Two RCs other than that were moderate and the remaining two were difficult. All the RCs were lengthy and demanded more time per RC than what we experienced last year.

The Para-jumbles were easy involving only 4 sentences. Para-jumbles and Odd one out were the only TITA Qs of this section.

Overall, the section was moderate. For a 98 percentile26 attempts here with an 80% accuracy should be considered good.


The section has once again lived up to the expectations of CAT aspirants. It had 8 sets of four Questions each. 8 sets can be further categorized in Logical Reasoning Sets, Data Interpretation Sets and Logic Based DI sets.

Continuing with the tradition of last half decade, the section demanded the test taker to choose good selection of sets to avoid getting stuck with the wrong sets. Two to three sets of the section were the easy to moderate ones. Test takers who have practiced enough with such type of Sets would also like to invest time in 1-2 more sets with moderate difficulty levels.

Overall, a student who has prepared well should be able to attempt 5 to 6 sets properly in the allocated 60 minutes. This section could be termed moderate. For a 98 percentile22 – 23 attempts with an 80% accuracy should be considered good.


Quant section of morning slot was very similar to that of CAT 2018. Arithmetic area of the subject dominated the section with 12 to 13 Qs from Time Distance, Mixtures, Time Work, Averages and other basic Ratio Applications. Geometry maintained its share of 6-7 Qs with most of them being easy to moderate Qs. The Questions asked were from Progression, Logarithm and Functions and were difficult and time consuming.

However, the section had approx. 10-12 Qs which can be considered very easy for any test taker. At the same time, the section had 6-7 Qs which were given the role of speed breaker and they, indeed, would have done damage to those who couldn’t leave them at the right time. One more time, rejection of lengthy Qs would be the game-changer for this section.

The section was moderate to difficult. For a 98 percentile25 attempts with 80% accuracy should be considered good.

Find below the percentile projections on the basis of raw scores:

Expected Percentile on basis of Raw Scores
Percentile Overall Verbal LRDI Quant
99 147-150 68 46 63
98 135-138 63 41 48
95 115-118 56 35 37
90 99-102 47 29 31
85 84-87 43 25 26
80 75-77 39 22 22

Overall, by keeping the basic structure of sections the same year after year, CAT organizers are giving aspirants a fair hint to come prepared with the right strategy and test practice to get excellent percentiles across sections.

Examination conductions were glitch-free. Organizers ensured a peaceful and smooth testing experience. However, aspirants are advised to take basic guidelines mentioned on the admit card very seriously to avoid any last-minute panic.

Wishing all the best to all the test takers for the results!

Check out CAT 2019 Exam Analysis for Slot 2 below:

CAT 2019 Exam Analysis – Slot 2

CAT 2019 Exam Analysis – Slot 2

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