Earn while Learn How an Integrated MBA gives you an Upper Hand in E-Commerce

The unprecedented rise of Covid-19 which otherwise had a lot of detrimental effects acted as a catalyst to the e-commerce industry. With the increasing internet adoption, the number of digital buyers keeps on climbing every year. This surge in e-commerce brings with it a multitude of opportunities for MBA aspirants. It is predicted that retail annual revenue will climb to $6.5 trillion in 2023.

The lucrative prospects of e-commerce have turned the students to look for the courses in which they can enroll in the early days. BBA MBA integrated course is an example of such a program that is meant for young students with managerial and leadership aspirations. The integrated management course helps students come out in flying colors, without spending huge amounts of money.

In the present scenario, graduates are required to take online cat coaching to crack CAT 2021 and get into a regular MBA program by the IIMs. However, BBA IPM is a great way to enter a 5-year integrated program in management that carries the IIM brand, ensuring dynamic growth in the management career. In fact, an integrated MBA in IIM is a step ahead to get students industry-ready by giving them an ample amount of theoretical as well as practical knowledge about the corporate world.

An integrated MBA not only opens up a world of employment opportunities but also focuses on the entrepreneurial growth of the students. The below pie chart categorizes the roles that are most sought after in the e-commerce industry.

How Integrated MBA helps: Jobs in E-commerce

Image Source – BigCommerce

How Does an Integrated MBA Benefit You?

An integrated MBA equips students with the tools, techniques, and strategies used in improving business practices and performance from an early age. The multiple benefits explained below form a solid reason to choose an Integrated MBA over a regular one.

1. Skills Enhancement

The integrated MBA graduates are known to be critical thinkers with strategic views on business issues. A b-school program aims at developing the leadership, analytical, and presentation skills of the students. Students learn how to translate all of these business skills into the online environment. They are also trained to strategically manage online business activities.

2. Improved job Prospects

An Integrated MBA helps an aspirant to get better career opportunities as compared to their peers. The job opportunities amplify as they are known to have completed a specialization while pursuing the integrated course. Additionally, the remuneration curve for e-commerce is showing an upward trend as depicted in the graph below:

How Integrated MBA helps: E-Commerce salaries in India

Image source – Careerizma

3. Adaptability

Ecommerce businesses are prone to evolution and changes. Being able to adapt to the ever-changing and evolving environment is very important. The integrated MBA in IIM trains MBA graduates on how they can accommodate the sudden changes in their work structure.

4. Problem-Solving Skills

An MBA graduate must be able to analyze critically after precise observation of the business environment. A problem solver is of colossal importance to the e-commerce industry in meeting the highly unpredictable demands.

5. Innovative decision making

Most leaders and managers in the e-commerce business have to make crucial decisions every day. An MBA graduate should be adept in innovative thinking and decision-making to make things happen at the workplace.

Competitive Edge in E-commerce Industry

A BBA MBA integrated course is aimed to teach management skills to students from both undergraduate as well as postgraduate levels. It gives students a comprehensive understanding of the fundamentals of business management. An IPM coaching from Endeavor Careers can help you get admission to an integrated MBA. Students can prepare for IPM and get into a 5 year integrated MBA in IIMs. Here is how you get a competitive edge in the eCommerce industry by doing an MBA integrated course.

1. Maximize career impact

In direct comparison with engineering and law, a 5 year integrated MBA in symbiosis or an integrated MBA in IIMs is quite ahead in terms of the placements. Career after BBA MBA integrated course gives you a pretty good salary package as you are known to have completed the required amount of practical training. Additionally, MBA graduates get one year to prepare for placements into the best companies.

However, Integrated MBA students get 3-4 years to prepare for their dream company. The below image depicts how e-commerce is all set to create humongous job opportunities in the corporate and logistics sector in India:

How Integrated MBA helps: Increasing jobs due to E-Commerce in India

Image Source – Peoplematters

2. Receive exposure as a part of your curriculum

The curriculum design of a management course is based on a blend of theory as well as practical exposure in the form of industrial visits, live projects, and case studies. A BBA MBA integrated course offers practical exposure and improved analytical & managerial skills. Since the students start learning how to respond in real-life business situations in their early years, they are more likely to respond to real situations confidently.

3. Learn more in less time

The Integrated MBA students get an added advantage in terms of the syllabus. Students who do a BBA and thereafter an MBA, tend to learn repetitive subjects in both the programs. However, the 5-year curriculum is designed in a manner that there is no repetition of courses or subjects. While registrations are in lacs for CAT 2021, only 17550 students appeared for IIM IPM 2020. This means students have higher chances of getting enrolled in an integrated MBA in IIM.

4. Time and Expenses

For an MBA program candidates are required to appear for the CAT exam and the selection process. They go through the same entrance tests and selection procedures for their BBA. An integrated MBA aspirant need not go through these exams twice, hence saving a year of preparation and the huge costs involved.

Take an Integrated Advantage

The IIM BBA integrated management program is a rapidly growing career program owing to its lucrative future prospects in various sectors. It is one of the best options to start learning business management early and pursue chosen areas of specialization. An excellent way to start your BBA-IPM preparation is to join Endeavor Careers. We offer a wide range of study modules, mock series, weekly assessments, and one-to-one sessions to ace your IPM preparation.


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  1. The scope of BBA-MBA is like an ocean of opportunity in today’s world.

    Here are some of the future jobs after completing the BBA-MBA course:-
    • Management Consultant
    • Sales Manager
    • Human Resource Manager
    • Retail Manager
    • Digital Marketer
    • Business Head

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