How Should I Study For The MHCET Exam Online

A career in law is undeniably one of the most lucrative options these days. Aside from being financially rewarding, it is a fascinating and adventurous professional choice. The MH CET Law exam is one such examination that ensures admission to a good law school. Consequently, a high score is required. If you are looking forward to a remarkable legal career, it is critical to establish a sensible and practical preparation strategy, regardless of how much time you have available. MH CET Law Exam Preparation takes a lot of time and effort, but your perseverance in sticking to a plan will pay off!


While preparing a comprehensive preparation strategy, most MH CET legal aspirants find themselves at sea. As a result, we’ve put together this MH CET Preparation toolkit to assist you. Everything you need to know about MH CET Law Exam Preparation is included in this blog.

MH CET Law Exam – Highlights

MH CET (Maharashtra Common Entrance Test for Law) is a state-level test administered by the Maharashtra State CET Cell for admissions to law degrees provided at Maharashtra’s law colleges. A number of top-ranked governments use this test, and private law schools for admissions to 5-year integrated courses in law and 3-year LLB.

The MH-CET Law is an online entrance exam that takes 120 minutes to complete. The exam is broken down into five portions, each with its own set of questions and marks. There is no negative marking in this exam, and every correct answer receives one mark. The question paper of MH CET Law 2022 will be based on the below sections.

1. General Knowledge & Current Affairs

People who are up-to-date on news and current events will enjoy preparing for this section. However, knowing the latest news and facts is essential to crack this section. Guesswork can get you a few points, but it isn’t always successful. You should develop a habit to read the newspaper every day and jot down any pertinent information that will come in handy later. Moreover, you can use the most recent G.K. journal to jot down key events, appointments, and awards.

2. Logical and Analytical Reasoning

The portion assesses a candidate’s aptitude for law studies, legal aptitude, and problem-solving abilities. The questions are based on legal precedents. In this case, the candidate must assume the truth and intelligently answer the questions by correctly concluding them. Students should thoroughly prepare for this section by completing as many sample papers as possible.

3. English

This section assesses your vocabulary, grammar, comprehension, and English language skills. You can, however, make it a habit to read the newspaper every day, and reading books can help you acquire new terms. Answering comprehension questions while solving mock-test papers can help you manage your time. Another technique to improve your vocabulary is to write down new terms together with their definitions.

4. Legal Aptitude and Legal Reasoning

After legal aptitude and legal reasoning, this part gets the highest weighting. You must be thorough with the tricks that you can use to tackle analytical questions in this area. It’s excellent if you practise logical sequences, analogies, syllogisms, and other concepts that will help you ace this section.

5. Elementary Mathematics

The section necessitates a significant amount of planning, time, and effort. If you’ve never been strong at math, you’ll need to brush up on your fundamentals. Practice prior year’s papers to get a sense of the types of questions that will be asked. You can also learn how to solve mathematical problems faster by learning methods and formulas.

MH CET Law Exam Preparation 2022 – Tips

The suggestions below will help you ace the exam whether you’re studying for the MH CET 3-year LLB or 5-year integrated programmes.

1. Know the Exam Structure

Before preparing for any exam, it is critical to understand the exam’s intricacies. You must grasp the fundamentals of the MH CET law entrance syllabus’ core subjects. They should be familiar not only with the test pattern but also with the examination’s character. Knowing the above will enable them to go one step farther than the competition. If you devote a set amount of time to this activity, you will save a significant amount of time during your preparation process.

2. Start early-on

Students that begin their MHT CET classes online early, learn the value of constancy in hard effort and how to use failures as motivation. The best time to begin MHT CET online coaching is six months ahead of time. Getting a head start will allow you to assess your current situation and determine what steps you need to take to crack the exam.

3. Practice Mock Tests and Sample Papers

It is imperative to take an MH CET law mock test when preparing for the exam to judge one’s level of preparation. Incorporating a mock test-based learning approach will comprehensively assess a candidate’s strengths and limitations. Candidates can concentrate on areas of improvement and increase their speed and accuracy after receiving mock test results. It is critical to understand how long it takes a candidate to complete each question to finish as many questions as possible within the exam time limit. As a result, simulated tests will aid in time management, question speed, and answer accuracy.

4. Devise a Time-table

Candidates should create a timetable that allots equal time to each subject in the MHCET Law 2022 exam. All sections should be assigned at least 2 hours in the study schedule to cover the curriculum as soon as possible while ensuring a full grasp of all subjects. Endeavor Careers helps students in making a personalized schedule that includes breaks so that it is not too strict and unpleasant for you.

5. Learn Time Management

Along with appropriate preparation, time management is the key to cracking MH CET Law Exam. Candidates with good time management abilities can prioritize work and finish their preparation on time. Furthermore, disorganized learning and inconsistent study hours always result in worry at the eleventh hour.

5. Revise while Studying

Another significant thing to examine is the candidate’s constant revision for the entrance exam. Aspirants should strive to cover all of the MH CET Law 2022 syllabi with structured and frequent preparation and review. You should set aside your weekends for a thorough review of everything you’ve learnt in the MHT CET online classes during the week.

Jumpstart your Legal Career With Endeavor Careers

Students should commence their MH CET Law 2022 preparation with a well-thought-out strategy that focuses on each subject of the exam as well as the development of test-taking abilities. 

Endeavor Careers combines comprehensive study materials with a highly skilled team to ensure the best results. If you want to get into one of the best 5-year integrated Law programs, sign up for our MH CET online coaching programs today!

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