EA(PG) Ivy 2 (MBA)

Anniversary Scholarship:
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63,599.00 57,239.10 (+18% GST)

  • 7 MBA applications (no limit on the number of essays)
  • All applications to the top 50 of the US or the top 50 of the world
  • Rankings Used: Economist & FT rankings for MBA
  • Universities are categorized as Ambitious, Realistic, and Backup
  • 3 mock interviews with feedback
  • Comprehensive feedback on each Essay
  • 3 Reviews* for each Essay
  • We edit 3 LOR samples
  • We provide inputs on resumes if required
  • Education Loan assistance
  • Student Visa Assistance
  • Predeparture Briefing
  • Validity: 12 Months /2 Intakes

*A review is when an applicant writes an essay, we insert comments and send the essay back (first review), the applicant makes changes and sends back the draft, we review it again and either approve it or send it back with further comments (second review), etc.