A career in law entitles you to not only earn a handsome salary but also opens a plethora of opportunities for young aspirants. The CLAT examination is a doorway to the most esteemed colleges and universities offering a law degree. If you are targeting the top National Law University then it is time to kick-start your CLAT 2022 preparation.

The difficulty of the exam can be gauged by the fact that around 77,000 students take the CLAT exam every year and only a handful of them are able to crack it. However, with the right and timely preparation, it is possible for aspirants to crack the exam in their first attempt. The below graph shows the increasing number of CLAT registrations:

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CLAT Overview

The CLAT full form being Common Law Admissions test is national level entrance exam for admissions to undergraduate and postgraduate law programmes for admissions to twenty two National Law Universities in India. The below graph shows the total seats for admissions at the top 22 NLU’s.

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The aspirants should be aware of the CLAT Exam Pattern, syllabus, structure and comprehensive analysis of the CLAT 2021 Exam before beginning their preparation. The CLAT 2022 will be a 2-hour pen and paper-based test with 150 multiple-choice questions. Each correct answer fetches you one mark while for every incorrect answer .25 marks are deducted. The pattern of CLAT 2022 has been changed recently and the questions in the exam will now appear in passage form. The below tabular form explains the CLAT Exam Syllabus.

Section Questions Marks
English Language 28-32 questions 28 – 32
Current Affairs, including General Knowledge 35-39 questions 35 – 39
Legal Reasoning 35-39 questions 35 – 39
Logical Reasoning 28-32 questions 28 – 32
Quantitative Techniques 13-17 questions 13 – 17
Total 150 questions 150


How Much Time is Required to Prepare for CLAT 2022?

CLAT preparation is quite expansive and boundless. It requires a deep understanding of the basics, strong aptitude skills, awareness of the latest facts, and legal knowledge. CLAT preparation ideally takes around 8-10 months or sometimes even longer. Candidates should optimally utilize their time to ace the upcoming exam. It is imperative that you get into high gear and join Endeavor Careers to start your CLAT preparation at the right time. To enhance your performance CLAT Magic Toolkit from Endeavor Careers offers you end to end support from video lectures to mock analysis!

CLAT Preparation Tips to Ace the Exam

Year on year, the competition for the CLAT exam is rising. One must have the best strategy to crack and grab a law seat in the top law colleges. Part of the strategy must be a well-documented study planner, exhaustive revisions, mastering all sections, getting acquainted with question papers, and much more. Here are some sectional tips that will help you ace the examination.

1. Super Easy Tips to Master English Language

Mastering the English language is not a one-day task. It requires extensive and consistent practice throughout. The section mainly consists of passages of about 450 words each. The topics can be technical, scientific, fiction, or current issues. Follow the below tips to strengthen your english language skills:

  • Read newspapers editorials and novels to enhance your reading speed, assumption power, and interference skills.
  • Learn at least 15 new words every day and try to inculcate them in your daily conversations to improve vocabulary.
  • Focus on improving your grammar by referring to good 10th standard grammar textbooks.

2. Stay Updated on Current Affairs and Enhance your General Knowledge

Awareness of the latest news, trends, and activities around the world plays a crucial role in your online CLAT preparation. Since this subject has vast horizons, there is no particular source from which you can study that will help you prepare for 100% of the questions asked. However, the below tips can help you streamline your preparation for this section:

  • Reading daily newspapers, editorials, magazines, journals, and research articles helps you in this section as well.
  • Preparing well for this section takes time. Hence, a consistent approach is recommended. Take notes of all the various news you come across everyday and jot them down in a separate notebook. This will make a repository for you to revise later.
  • Discuss latest issues amongst your peers and develop a habit of sharing views on the latest happenings everyday.

3. Think like a Lawyer and Peak your Legal Reasoning

This is the most important section of your CLAT preparation alongside General knowledge and current affairs as it carries the maximum number of weightage in marks. The candidates need not require a prior legal background, yet he/she will benefit from having a general awareness about legal issues and terminology. The below tips can help you enhance your legal reasoning:

  • Ask your CLAT coaching institute to provide you with all legal issues for the last 1 year. Endeavor careers gives its students a comprehensive pack of legal issues along with case-studies to enhance their legal knowledge.
  • Master the legal terminologies, since they form the base of legal aptitude preparation. All cases, scenarios, judgements, require you to have basic knowledge of terminologies to understand them.
  • Aspirants must attempt the sample papers and model test papers provided by The Consortium first, and then from other sources.

4. Sharpen your Logical Reasoning Skills

This section requires you to identify the overall theme of the passage and draw conclusions and analogies. Questions asked in this section stick around a range of topics such as critical reasoning, coding-decoding, arrangements, etc. The below tips will help CLAT aspirants to hone their logical reasoning skills:

  • It is advisable for aspirants to engage in activities such as solving Sudoku, crosswords, playing chess, and more that require critical thinking in order to enhance your logical skills.
  • A continuous and consistent practice overtime will enable you to think logically and you will be able to reveal patterns that lead you to the correct answer.
  • A good reasoning question will be swamped with information which is confusing. Try to simplify and filter data and use that information to solve your question efficiently.

5. Keep up with Quantitative techniques

The key to prepare for the Quantitative techniques section is constant practice of basic mathematical concepts. The questions will comprise short sets of facts or propositions, graphs, pictorial or diagrammatic representations of numerical data. The candidates can score well in this section with the below tips:

  • Quants include a lot of formulas, theorems, tables, etc. Memorise them by jotting them on a sheet and keep it handy.
  • The most important aspects of this section are accuracy and speed. Practice more to boost both these aspects and improve your score.
  • Attempt previous year question papers, mock tests, and sample papers regularly to sharpen your mathematical skills.

Ready to crack CLAT?

Cracking CLAT is a golden gateway to enter the top NLU and other prestigious top universities in India. The expert tips and tricks shared above will definitely help you ace the CLAT exam. We, at Endeavor Careers, are determined to provide you with the best CLAT preparation alongside personalised attention to help each of our students.

Join us today to kick-start your CLAT preparation at the right time!

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