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A profession in Law has always been considered noble for the role it plays in the society and lately, it has been gaining a lot of popularity with the current generation. The rise in the importance can be attributed to the increase in emphasis on corporate governance. With complex government policies influencing the corporate decision, new branches of law such as intellectual property, international, cyber, election, etc. have come up. A large portion of the students choose to enrol themselves for a 5-year integrated program B.A., L.L.B. straight after finishing their Std. XII, or in some cases junior college.


Traditionally, as a lawyer one would need to choose from the old wings of civil, labour, criminal, taxation, etc. to specialise in and that would form their subsequent career path. Today’s lawyers not only have a wider range of specialisations to choose from and aren’t just masters of the legal system but they are also a part of the leading team. Making decisions based on facts and reasoning, not just in the court room but beyond it, in the fact changing world, is the need of the hour. A lawyer today can choose a career beyond Criminal and Civil into Corporate, Commercial, Mediation, Human Rights, Intellectual Property Rights, Environment, Cyber Law.

A lawyer working for a private organisation has to participate in the strategic decision of the management, joint ventures, alliances, and so on. The best law firms and corporates in the country look for talent in order to spruce up their teams, to gear up for the complexities ahead. The dream of most lawyers previously was equated with being present in The Supreme Court of India but in today’s world, there are no geographical boundaries for the talented.

Law Entrance Exams

In India, the premier entrance exams through which one may target the top law colleges are CLAT, AILET, SET, and LSAT-India. These top Law Colleges in India accept CLAT or other exam scores for their 5 year integrated programmes of B.A., L.L.B.

Top Law Colleges in India accept CLAT scores for their 5 year integrated programmes.
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