All India Mock CAT 2020

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Targeting CAT-20? Test your preparation by taking the All India Endeavor Open Mock (EOM) CAT 2020, XAT 2021, SNAP 2020, NMAT 2020, and compete with test-takers nationally.

Register, explore, and take the free EOM CAT, NMAT, SNAP & XAT. A detailed schedule for all EOMs is provided below.

Register and take Free EOMs

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Why take the EOM CAT, NMAT, SNAP, XAT?

  • Experience competition – Benchmark yourself against this year’s serious CAT aspirants
  • Percentile Predictor – Predictions based on Statistical Modeling done of students’ attempts and their corresponding CAT scores.
  • Detailed Analysis – Get the best in-depth Analysis from the experts.
  • Detailed Solutions – Text, as well as Video Solution, will be available.
  • Detailed Performance Evaluation Report – Identify your strength and weakness and compare your performance with the top 10% percentile in the country.

EOM Schedule:

EOM (Endeavor Open Mock) Dates
EOM XAT 1 (Free) 11-Oct
EOM CAT 10 14 Oct
EOM NMAT 2 (Free) 21-Oct
EOM CAT 11 25-Oct
EOM CAT 12 29-Oct
EOM NMAT 3 06-Nov
EOM CAT 13 08-Nov
EOM CAT 14 11 Nov
EOM CAT 15 15 Nov
EOM CAT 16 18 Nov
EOM CAT 17 22 Nov
EOM CAT 18 24-Nov
EOM CAT 19 26 Nov
EOM CAT 20 27 Nov
EOM NMAT 4 02-Dec
EOM SNAP 2 (Free) 05-Dec
EOM SNAP 3 12-Dec
EOM SNAP 4 15-Dec
EOM XAT 2 (Free) 19-Dec
EOM NMAT 5 23-Dec
EOM XAT 3 24-Dec
EOM XAT 4 28-Dec
EOM XAT 5 30-Dec
EOM SNAP 5 04-Jan

To watch Video Analysis of all EOMs