Eshan Bedagkar

I decided to pursue an MBA rather late. Having heard about the level of difficulty of the CAT and the practice needed, I was intimidated. I joined Endeavor for the CNS batch that specifically caters to the requirements of CET, NMAT, and SNAP. While studying, the faculties noticed my potential and urged me to also write the CAT and prepare seriously. The faculty gave me all the support needed to crack the CAT, especially since I had very less preparation time. The open door, approachable culture enabled me to have my queries resolved at the earliest. The preparation game changes drastically while preparing for the GDPI and WAT. Endeavor, by way of its streamlined process, gives all the inputs necessary to face the challenge of the interviews. Lastly, I’d like to say, it’s the efforts of the faculty, the admin team and the support staff who ensure the program goes on like clockwork, contributing to the robust learning experience. Thank you, Endeavor.

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