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SNAP 2017 Exam Analysis

SNAP 2017 in its first online attempt mostly kept its pattern, difficulty level and type similar as last year.

To attempt 150 questions in 120 minutes online made it a super speed based exam wherein there was no breathing space. Time-consuming Quant, Vocab, and Grammar heavy Verbal, Multidimensional Reasoning and Dynamic General Knowledge can be said as highlights of the paper

Section wise details are mentioned below:

Quantitative Ability+ Data Interpretation (40 Questions)

The section consisted of just 7 questions of Data Interpretation and 33 questions of Quantitative Ability.

Data Interpretation was spread in two sets of 5 and 2 questions respectively. Both were standard DI sets; one was a Pie chart and other was a Line Chart. Both of them seemed easy but ambiguous in definition.

Quant part of the section was dominated by Arithmetic with 8 questions having direct applications of Percentages, Ratios and Profit and Loss. P&C and Probability had a high weightage with 7 questions, while Geometry was limited to 3 questions only. Shockingly there were just 3 questions on Numbers. Presence of 2 reasoning based questions might have surprised some students. Other than these there were 2 questions on Set Theory and Logarithms and 1 question each on Time & Work, TS, and SICI.

Overall this section was time consuming with reading and calculations to be done.

Allocating 40 mins to this section, 19-22 can be termed as Good Attempts and the same with 90% accuracy can be considered a Good Score.

Logical Reasoning (40 Questions)

This section comprised of all varieties of questions. There were three sets on Symbol based blood relationship, Number based arrangement and Interpretation from graph with 5 questions each. There 2 questions on Card Game which could have hindered the speed. Presence of sufficient amount of quant questions based on permutation, geometry, ratios and numbers in this section would have caused some trouble. Otherwise this section had almost all type of reasoning questions; 1 question each on Input Output, Directions, Linear arrangement, Coding – Decoding and Clocks. Like always there were some newly formed questions based on a cartoon picture and physics knowledge which were interesting to solve.

Overall, this section was reasonably time consuming as well. Absence of standard variety of arrangement and puzzle made this section more challenging for aspirants.

Allocating 40 mins to this section, 20-23 can be termed as Good Attempts and the same with 90% accuracy can be considered a good score.

Verbal Ability (40 Questions)

Verbal Section in SNAP had no surprises! Half of it comprised Vocabulary based questions and the remaining half was a mix of Reading Comprehension questions, Grammar and Sentence Rearrangement. Although Critical reasoning and Verbal reasoning questions were conspicuous due to their absence.

Vocabulary-19 questions; 2 questions of direct Synonyms, 6 of Antonyms, 5 FIBs, 2 Analogies were asked for vocabulary testing. Adding to these questions there were 4 questions on idioms and phrases.

Reading Comprehension questions-12; (6+6 questions in two passages) were asked to test comprehension skills of the test takers. Both were easy to attempt. The section also had 2 Sentence Rearrangement and 7 Grammar based questions.

Overall, Verbal section was fairly manageable with approximately 15 questions very easy, 18 moderate and 7 difficult questions. It could certainly be a morale booster for a well prepared student.

Allocating 30 mins to this section, 29 – 31 can be termed as Good Attempts and the same with 80% accuracy can be considered a good score.

Current Affairs (30 Questions)

Like last year it was supposed to be a section made of only current affairs of last few years. SNAP creators have certainly successfully delivered their promise with this section. There was a good spread of questions with all different types like Sports, Business who’s who (Business as well as Government), Awards and Tech related news.

Questions on Bit coin, SMAC, Hriday Nath Mangeshkar award, 104 Satellites, Recent Attorney General, Disney deal, RPG Goenka launch, Hilmut Kohl – Germany, Game of thrones, Roger Fedrerer’s Wimbledon wins, New organ found in body, Olympics sponsor, Cricket Associations and Cyclone were testing students on all different grounds.

A test taker who has been following news regularly should get a nice edge over others.

An ideal allocation can be 10 mins for this particular section and 15-16 attempts with 85% accuracy can be considered for a good score.

Section Qs Suggested Time Difficulty Level Good Score
Quantitative Ability + DI 40 40 minutes Moderate 15-16
Logical Reasoning 40 40 minutes Moderate 14-16
Verbal Ability 40 30 minutes Easy  24-26
Current Affairs 30 10 minutes Easy to Moderate  10-12

 Expected Cutoffs:

  • SIBM-Pune: 67+
  • SCMHRD: 63+
  • SIBM-B: 52+
  • SIIB: 50+


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