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SET General Analysis – 2019

Paper Pattern:

Total Questions: 150Total Marks: 150Total Duration: 150 minutes (No sectional Time Limit) | Marking System: +1 for correct, 0 for incorrect

SR No Section Questions Marks
1 General English 40 40
2 Quantitative Ability 40 40
3 General Awareness 40 40
4 Analytical & Logical Reasoning 30 30
Total 150 150

Section 1: General English

No of Questions: 40

Just like last year, this year too, this section was highly dominated by Vocabulary and its application based questions. There were around 17-18 questions,  

which included 6 questions on Synonyms and Antonyms of which 2 questions were easy, 2-3 questions on Idioms and Phrases, around 4 questions on Proverbs and around 5-6 questions on Vocabulary based Fill in the Blanks. The questions on Idioms and Phrases were easy. However, an aspirant might have faced some difficulty in answering Fill in the blanks based questions. Next in order of weightage was grammar – there were 4 questions on identifying the correct sentence and 6 questions on grammar-based Fill in the blanks – in which the aspirant was asked to Fill the blank using appropriate conjunction/gerund/infinitive. All grammar based questions were fairly easy. There were two passages of Reading comprehension with 4 questions each. Most of the questions were direct and easy.

Level of difficulty: Easy to Moderate

Ideal attempts: 32+

Ideal correct: 25+

Time to be allotted: 40 minutes

Section 2: Quantitative Ability

No of Questions: 40

Like last year, this year too, this section was dominated by Arithmetic based questions. There were 7 questions on Percentage and its application, of which 6 were easy and 1 was time-consuming, there were 4 easy questions on Ratio and its application. 2 questions on Time, Speed and Distance of which 1 was easy and the other was of moderate difficulty level. There were 2 easy questions on Averages and 1 easy question each from Time and Work, Set-theory, Circle, Mensuration and Rankings. 3 questions on Probability and 2 questions on Permutation and Combinations can be considered as easy to moderate. There were 2 questions each on Number series and Directions of which 3 were easy and 1 was moderate. 2 questions from Algebra were also fairly easy. 2 questions on Data Sufficiency were tricky. There were 2 sets of Data Interpretation, each consisting of 3 questions. 1 of these sets was based on Bar-graphs, while the other was based on Tables. Both of these sets were moderate.

Level of difficulty: Easy to Moderate

Ideal attempts: 32+

Ideal correct: 26+

Time to be allotted: 50 minutes

Section 3: General Awareness

No of Questions: 40

This section was also aligned with last year’s SET paper. Approximately 70% of the questions were from Static GK. The questions on static GK had 2 questions in which the aspirants had to identify the person in the photograph and 2 questions in which the aspirants had to identify the logo. 3 of these questions were easy as the persons in the photographs were Mrs. Nirmala Sitharaman; the Chief election commissioner of India and Logo of World Wild Fund for Nature. Apart from these, there were questions on Economics, Books and Author, Classical Dance forms and their proponents, Important Days, Geography, Vitamin-Deficiency, and Sports. While the questions from Current affairs ranged from Sports, Polity, Movies, Who’s who, Nobel Prize, National Film Awards. All in all, around 14-15 questions were easily doable with 100 percent accuracy. A well-read aspirant would have managed to attempt 7-8 more questions.

Level of difficulty: Moderate to Difficult

Ideal attempts: 23+

Ideal correct: 18+

Time to be allotted: 15 minutes

Section 4: Analytical & Logical Reasoning

No of Questions: 30

In this section, there were 5 questions of Arrangement & Puzzles in which the aspirant had to prepare a 5 x 4 matrix. These questions can be considered easy to moderate and could have been solved in 7 to 8 minutes. There were 2 questions on Blood-Relations, one of which was on Coded Relations. Both of these questions were easy. 3 questions on coding-decoding can be considered as easy to moderate. There were around 8-9 questions on verbal reasoning. These included Analogies, Syllogisms, Cause-Effect, Statement and Course of Action. Some aspirants faced slight difficulty in cause-effect and statement and course of action based questions. There were 4 questions on Set-Theory which were relatively easy. Other questions in this section were based on Clocks, Identifying the missing number in the grid, Identifying the missing alphabet in the series, both of these questions were time-consuming. There was a single question on Visual Reasoning which was very easy.

 Level of difficulty: Easy

Ideal attempts: 28+

Ideal correct: 24+

Time to be allotted: 45 minutes

Overall Analysis

Sr No Section Questions Ideal Time Good Attempts Good Score Level of Difficulty
1 General English 40 40 mins 32+ 25+ Easy to Moderate
2 Quantitative Ability 40 50 mins 32+ 26+ Easy to Moderate
3 General Awareness 40 15 mins 22+ 18+ Moderate to Difficult
4 Analytical & Logical Reasoning 30 45 mins 28+ 24+ Easy
Total 150 150 114+ 93+ Moderate

Cut Off:

It is very difficult to predict exact cut-off for each college as the number of applicants is yet not disclosed. But, on the basis of cut-offs given in last two years and comparing the level of difficulty of the exam with that of last year, we can predict the following cut-offs.

Course Symbiosis Campus Predicted Cut-offs (General Category)
SCMS (BBA) Pune 91
SCMS (BBA) Noida 87
SIMC (BMS) Pune 85
SSE (BSc Economics) Pune 89
SSLA (BA/BSc) Pune 83
SICSR (BCA / BBA IT) Pune 81

Wishing all the aspirants great luck for results and for the next stage of admission!

Team Endeavor

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  1. I have got 49% in my 12th boards result if my entrance will be cleared can i get admission in symbiosis?

  2. What is considered a good score in SET general? Also tell me the cut off around which the score will be considered for PI

  3. I have only applied to SCMS Pune. I got 120 in SET 2019 and 96% in cbse boards PCM. Will I get admission? What should be my ideal score in PI-WAT sounds?

  4. Hello!!
    I am appearing for set2020 which is to be conducted on 30th May,2020.I haven’t prepared for set but as it is just 10 days away i would like to start preparing for it. Please let me know about the best courses offered by your institute .

    1. Hi Rituja,

      We regret to inform you that 10 days is too short a time to prepare for SET 2020 and we don’t have any Live course for the same. However, you could choose to prepare from any of the self-paced online courses that we have for BBA 2020 as per your requirement. These can be found here https://endeavorcareers.comiendeavor/bba-ipm-online/. We reckon our BBA 2020 Comprehensive course will suit your requirement. Do browse the same here: https://endeavorcareers.comiendeavor-bba-ipm/bba-ipm-comprehensive-2020/

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