NPAT 2019 Exam Analysis

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Paper Pattern for NPAT 2019:

Total Questions: 120 | Total Marks: 120 | Total Duration: 100 minutes

Marking System Marking: +1 for Correct, No Negative Marking

Sr Number Section Question



1 Quantitative and Numerical Ability 40 40
2 Reasoning Ability 40 40
3 Proficiency in English Language 40 40
Total 120 120

Regarding the NPAT 2019 exam format, the changes were few to none as compared to last few years. There were no limitations of sectional timings and negative marking. Students could attempt sections in desired sequence and could also switch sections as per their convenience. Total time allotted was 100 minutes for 120 questions.


Section 1: Quantitative and Numerical Ability

No. of Questions: 40

This section saw questions from almost all areas of quantitative aptitude. This section was moderately difficult as students might have found it difficult to select the right questions to solve. There were around 5 questions each from Set Theory, Trigonometry and Functions.2 or 3 questions each from Set theory, Trigonometry and Functions were easy, rest were little tricky and time consuming. 2 to 3 questions were asked each from Progressions, Quadratic Equations, Bodmas and Numbers. Questions from Quadratic equations were formula based, so students found them easy. 1 question each from Bodmas, Numbers, and Progressions were direct and easy, while the rest were tricky and time consuming. There was 1 question each from Percentage, Profit and Loss, Ratios, Linear Equation, Time Speed and Distance, Fractions, and SI-CI. These questions were easy except that of Time, Speed and Distance and SI-CI.

Overall the section was Moderate to Difficult. Ideal Attempts in 35 minutes would be 22+ and good score in this section can be 16 – 18+

If a student can capitalize on his strength and identify the right questions to solve, this section could easily fetch them the right score.

Level of difficulty: Moderate | Ideal attempts: 22+ | Ideal correct: 18+ | Time to be allotted: 30 minutes

Section 2: Reasoning Ability

No. of Questions: 40

NPAT 2019 had Data interpretation as part of Reasoning section instead of Quantitative aptitude section. 3 sets were asked with almost 10-12 questions. One set each on bar graphs, pie charts and line graphs was asked on the test. There were 5 questions of Data Sufficiency as well. From the rest of the topics Syllogisms and Visual reasoning contributed 5 questions each, most of which were pretty doable. Rest of the questions were from topics like Blood relations, Coding-decoding, Arrangements and Puzzles. 2-3 questions were random miscellaneous diagram-based puzzles, a couple of questions based on mathematical reasoning were asked. 5 very lengthy questions based on decision making were also asked making this a very lengthy section to attempt.

It would have taken a prepared student around 40 minutes to make 32-33 genuine attempts and get 26 to 27 marks in this section.

Level of difficulty: Moderate
Ideal attempts: 33+
Ideal correct: 27+
Time to be allotted: 40 min

Section 3: Proficiency in English Language

No. of Questions: 40

Just like last year’s exam, this section had 3 Reading Comprehension passages with 4 to 5 questions each. Topics of passages were diverse: There was a passage describing Aryabhatta’s invention of Zero and its usages. Another passage talked about hydrogen cars and the Japanese car maker Toyota. The third passage was on urbanization of cities and its issues. Two of these passages were lengthy with almost 550 to 600 words length. One of them was shorter with 4 paragraphs and approximately 400 words. There were one or two indirect questions in each passage but overall at least 9 out of 12-14 RC questions were doable. There were 4 questions from Sentence rearrangement, two of which had four statements and the remaining two had five statements. One question each from Statement- Assumptions and Statement- Arguments were also found. Grammar had a substantial chunk of questions with 6 to 7 error detection questions and almost 6-7 questions in Fill in the Blank format which were based on prepositions, conjunctions, articles and tenses. 3 contextual vocabulary questions and 1 idiom-based question rounded off this section which was a relief for many students after the few unexpected changes in the Quant and Reasoning sections.

All in all, students who were thoroughly prepared would be able to solve 32+ questions in about 25-28 minutes.

Level of difficulty: Easy to Moderate | Ideal attempts: 34+ | Ideal correct: 29+ | Time to be allotted: 30 minutes


NPAT 2019 the paper was moderate to tough considering the changes in standard weightages given year on year to expected topics. But again, that’s one of the points that are tested on any entrance exam – to check whether candidates are able to anticipate and handle change. Still, the cut offs this year should reflect the difficulty level of the questions asked and would be less than last year’s.

Ideal Attempts: 85+  | Good Score: 74+

Sr No Sections Questions Ideal Time Good Attempts Good Score Level of Difficulty
1 Quantitative and Numerical Ability 40 30 min 22+ 18+ Moderate to Difficult
2 Reasoning Ability 40 40 min 33+ 27+ Moderate
3 Proficiency in English Language 40 30 min 34+ 29+ Easy to Moderate
Total 120 100 mins 85+ 74+ Moderate

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