• Total Questions: 150
  • Total Duration: 120 minutes
  • Negative Marking: 1/4th of allotted marks

Section 1: Proficiency in English Language

No. of Questions: 50

It seems this season is favouring students who have good command over language. This section did motivate a lot of students. As compared to last year, this year the section had more variety of questions. Weightage on RC increased from 10 questions in 1 passage last year to 20 questions in 4 passages this year. RCs can be classified as moderate. Questions based on grammar were easy. Fill in the blanks based questions were bit tricky yet scoring. One should have taken precautions and avoided silly mistakes. Surprisingly, there were no direct vocabulary questions. Logic based questions like Parajumbles were moderate to easy. Overall the section can be classified as Moderate and a well prepared candidate can attempt 42+ with good accuracy rate. Good score could be 32+.

Section 2: Quantitative and Numerical Ability

No. of Questions: 50

When it was clearly known to students that Maths / Statistics as a subject is compulsory in order to write NPAT, it was understood that this section will be slightly higher on level of difficulty. Breakup wise, the section was very comprehensive in asking questions from almost all domains of Quant. There were approximately, 16 to 18 questions from Algebra based topics, around 12 from Arithmetic’s, around 5 from Coordinate and rest from Geometry. Question on higher algebra based topics were time consuming, while questions from higher arithmetic were calculative. Basic arithmetic, basic algebra and questions on mensuration were relatively easy and also an area of scoring for commerce students. Data Interpretation was also calculative but solvable. Overall the section can surely be considered as tough, at least for non-science students. Good attempts could be 25+. Good score could be anywhere between 16 to 28 (depending on which course one has applied for)

Section 3: Analytical and Logical Reasoning

No. of Questions: 50

This section was more or less same as last year. Most of the questions in this section were based on standard reasoning topics like Puzzles, Arrangements, Sequencing, Coding-Decoding, Direction Sense, Blood relation etc. Questions based on puzzles and Critical Reasoning was time consuming. Soft target for well-prepared students will surely be Syllogism; Statement – Assumption, Statement – Conclusion based questions. This would have surely helped increase number of attempts. Overall, the section can be labelled as Moderate. Good attempts in 40 minutes could reach 36+ and 30+ can be considered as good score in this section.


Section Total Questions Level of Difficulty Ideal Time Good Score
Overall 150 Moderate – Tough 70-85
Proficiency in English Language 50 Easy 30 Minutes 32+
Quantitative and Numerical Ability 50 Tough 45 Minutes 16 – 28
Analytical and Logical Reasoning 50 Moderate 40 Minutes 30+

Cut-offs: It is very difficult to predict exact cut-off for each course as the number of applications is yet not disclosed. But different courses will consider different scores for shortlisting candidates. Overall a score of 60 to 72 can be considered good for BBA, B.Com, B.Sc courses. While for BTech, MBA-Tech it can be close to 82 and for MBA-Pharmacy-Tech it can be close to 76.

Wishing all the students a great luck for results!

Team Endeavor