MHCET Law 2019 Exam Analysis

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MHCET Law 2019 Exam analysis for 5 years program.  Read on to know Paper pattern, Sectional Analysis, Overall Exam Analysis, Difficulty level, Good Attempts, Good Score for getting into top 5 law programs of DHE, Maharashtra

MHCET Law 2019 Paper Pattern:

Total Questions: 150

Total Marks: 150

Total Duration: 120 minutes

Negative Marking:  No Negative Marking


Sectional Analysis:

Section 1: Legal Aptitude and Legal Reasoning

No. of Questions: 40

The legal section of MHCET LAW 2019 was pretty much on expected lines, and was restfully handled by students who had practised principle based questions well. Students who also appeared for MHCET Law 2018 must have felt deja vu while attempting this paper. With the exception of Constitution, almost all expected subject areas of legal aptitude were evenly tested. A very noticeable point about this section was that all questions were principle-based and mostly one-liners.  Just like MHCET Law 2017 questions based on legal knowledge were not asked at all. Ten questions from Criminal law, thirteen from Torts, nine from Contracts, two from International Law one from Constitution of India and five misc. areas.

Overall, Legal Aptitude was easy and a good number of genuine attempts would be 33 + out of 40. And a score of 30 would be considered a good score. Time to be devoted to the section should be around 30-35 minutes.

Ideal Time: 30 minutes

Ideal Attempts: 33+

Ideal Score: 30+

Section 2: General Knowledge

No. of Questions: 30

The General Knowledge section was an even mix of current affairs and Static questions. The questions were well worded with no ambiguity. The current affairs questions pertained to Days and Dates (World Press Freedom Day), Awards and Recognitions (Oscar Award for Best Actor), Places in News (Kiru Hydroelectric Project), International News (President of Djibouti), Government Schemes (PM-KISAN) and Sports (Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy), etc. In the Static GK part, questions were asked from History (Hieun Tsang, Akbarnama, Ashokan Empire), Geography (Kawal Tiger Reserve, Mahabodhi Temple), Polity (minimum age for Rajyasabha) and International Organizations (ILO and UNEA) among others. The highlight of the section was the absence of some highly expected questions such as landmark judgements by the Supreme Court and important constitutional amendments in Parliament. All in all, this section can be categorized as easy to moderate.

Ideal Time: 10 minutes

Ideal Attempts: 25+

Ideal Score: 22+ 

Section 3: Verbal Ability (English)

No. of Questions: 30

As expected, there was a spread of questions of all types, with a few unexpected inclusions and omissions. There were 3 Vocab based sentence completion questions, around 10 Reading Comprehension questions (spread over two passages), 3 questions on spelling errors, 2-3 questions on grammar, 3 questions on Idioms & Phrases, 2-3 questions on Phrasal Verbs and 5 on Sentence Rearrangement.

There was a good focus given to RC this time, with 10 questions spread over 2 RC passages. One RC was based on artificial intelligence used for self-driving cars. It was approximately 400 words. The other one was based on the Lawyer’s profession, in the contemporary times and the use of technology in this profession. This one was approximately 550 words. There were 3 Vocabulary based Questions in the form of fill in the blanks.  There were 3 questions on the correct usage of phrasal verbs in the format of underlined phrase replacement, 3 on the usage of Idioms and phrases, 3 questions on Spotting the errors in a single fragmented sentence. 3 questions were tested on the spelling errors in sentences and 5 questions were based on sentence rearrangement with Options.

Ideal Time: 25-30 minutes

Ideal Attempts: 27+

Ideal Score: 24+

Section 4: Logical and Analytical Reasoning

No. of Questions: 40

The section was heavily biased towards puzzles with 60% of the question coming from the topic. There were in total of 5 puzzles with 5,5,5,6,3 questions from them. One set was of arrangement in which 10 people sitting in a row and some of them were facing south and others facing north. Another set was again related to matching in which 7people eating 7 fruits from 3 departments was to be matched. Two sets one of “Heights Comparison” and other one of “8 floors and 8 people” were doable. Students found the rest of the puzzles difficult and time consuming. 4 questions came from Coding-Decoding of doable range. Statement Conclusion and Syllogism had 3 questions each. Blood Relations and Critical reasoning had 2 questions each. Overall students needed to select their questions properly specially the puzzles. The Section can be categorized as above average difficulty.

Ideal Time: 30 minutes

Ideal Attempts: 22+

Ideal Score: 19+

Section 5: Mathematics

No. of Questions: 10

All the question in this section were from arithmetic. Areas tested were simple interest & compound interest, time-speed-distance, allegation-mixture, profit & loss, average & mensuration etc. Overall the section was moderate in difficulty level. If a student was able to manage time properly, he/she must be able to score 7+ marks in this section.

Ideal Time: 10 minutes

Ideal Attempts: 8+

Ideal Score: 6+

MHCET Law 2019 Overall Exam Analysis:

In overall analysis, MHCET Law 2019 threw a couple of surprises in that the reasoning section was dominated more than usual by lengthy puzzles and arrangements (almost 25/40 questions). Parajumbles in verbal section were asked with options as opposed to without which was the case last year. Other than that no particular surprises. Conduction was smooth across centres of Mumbai and students didn’t have to face any problems of equipment failure or such. The level of the paper in all sections resembled that of our mock tests for the most part.

Note: As there was no negative marking, lot of students would have attempted all questions. The suggested good attempt and good score are the net genuine attempts and score obtained from it.


Section Number of Questions Suggested Time (In Minutes) Difficulty Level Good Attempts Good Score
Legal Aptitude 40 30 to 35 Easy to moderate 33+ 30+
General Knowledge & Current Affairs 30 8 to 10 Easy to moderate 25+ 22+
English and Comprehension 30 25 to 30 Easy to moderate 27+ 24+
Logical Reasoning 40 30 to 35 Moderate (but lengthy) 22 + 19 +
Elementary Mathematics 10 10 to 15 Easy to moderate 7 6 +
Total 150 120 114 101 +

A student scoring 101+ would end up getting into Top 5 Law Programs of DHE, Maharashtra

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17 comments thoughts on “MHCET Law 2019 Exam Analysis”

    1. For OMS (out of maharashtra state) students, last year the actual cutoff for GLC Mumbai was 120 and that of ILS Law College Pune was 116 (Source: Round 3 allocation list released by CET Cell, Maharashtra).

      This year the cutoff will be along similar lines. It should be around 110-112 for OMS Students

  1. Hi what will be the 1 list cut off for mhcet law (MS) students for glc according to endeavor

      1. Thank you so much so 101 according to you in the 1 list and how much does it fall in 2 list can you just give me a rough idea

  2. Also team endeavor how often are your predictions about the cut off are right

    Thank you so much

    1. Hi Samarth,

      Predictions are based on the level of difficulty of the paper. It varies year to year. We would advise you to wait for the results. Movement in the seats would not be much in GLC and ILS, as everyone is trying to opt for these two colleges. There is a movement not only in overall cutoffs/ranks on all India basis but also on the basis of the category you belong to. Just make sure you read the CAP document clearly and apply for CAP round 2 & 3 if you score good marks. You can also check last years’ cutoffs for each college (for all CAP rounds) on their last year’s official website. Hope this helps.
      Team Endeavor

  3. after the declaration of results , has the platforms estimate on cutoffs of glc and ils remained same ?
    and what as per this platform will be the starting for first list ?

      1. Thank you so much
        If I belong Maharashtra state category what do you think the cut off for glc Mumbai will be after the declaration of the results

          1. One of my friend got admitted to glc Mumbai in the 1 list at a score of 99 so this time.may be 101 or 102
            But how is the cut off determined

          2. How do we obtain last year cut off there are no specific cut offs given in the link

  4. Hey I got 97 marks in MHCET 2019 5 YEARS LAW
    I am (MS,General) candidate. What are the chances to get into ILS and till which round?

    1. Dear Mahek,

      According to the ILS website, last year’s cutoff for ILS Pune for 5 year LLB was around 85 marks in Round 3.

      From Round 1 Institute allotment this year, it is clear that this year cutoffs have gone up. But a Maharashtra State candidate with 97 marks in MHCET 2019 (for LLB 5 years course) still has a possibility for ILS after round 3 or in vacant seats round.

      Team Endeavor

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