IPMAT 2019 Exam Analysis

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IPMAT 2019 Exam Analysis- IIM Rohtak

Overview of IPMAT 2019 for IIM Rohtak:

Total Questions: 120 |  Duration: 120 minutes | Marking: +4 for Correct & -1 for incorrect answers

IIM Rohtak IPMAT (IPM Aptitude test) 2019 is the first session for admission to IPM 2019-24 batches. The test was very easy as compared to IIM Indore IPMAT (IPM Aptitude test) 2019. No technical glitches or any such issues were reported from any centre, so it is safe to assume that the exam conduction process was perfect.

Section 1: Quantitative Abiity (Short Answer)

Total Questions: 40 |  Total Time: 40 minutes

The question type in this section were more or less similar to the questions which were asked in sample mock provided by IIM Rohtak. Majority of the questions were from Numbers and Arithmetic. There were 10-11 question on Numbers and related topic (HCF and LCM, Divisibility, Factors, and Surds and Indices). There were 13-14 questions on Arithmetic, which had 5 questions on basic percentages, 2 questions each from Time and Work and Boats and Streams, 1 question each on Pipes and Cistern, Mixture, Profit and Loss and Trains. There were three questions on Trigonometry, out of which two were based on heights and distance and other was based on Trigonometric Identities. Then there were 1 question each from Age Problem, Set Theory, Permutation and Combination, Probability. There were also 3-4 questions from Geometry and 4 from Data Sufficiency. Except for two questions on HCF and LCM, which student found tricky, entire paper was easy.

Most of these questions were based on direct application of concept. This makes this section easy to crack. This section will be classified as easy. Ideally student could have attempted 32+ questions. A good score would be 88+ marks.

Section 2: Logical Reasoning

Total Questions: 40 |  Total Time: 40 minutes

This section was very easy as most of the questions were straight forward and doable. A big miss in this section was questions on puzzles and arrangement. There were 5 questions each on Conclusion, Syllogism, Coding Decoding, Number Series and Code based comparison. Then there were 3 questions each on Blood relation, Direction Sense, Set Theory and Cause and Effect. One question on Direction Sense was tricky where the question was related to the direction of the Sun in afternoon. There was 1 question each on Clocks and Calendars.

Overall this section can be considered as very easy. Ideal attempts would be 36+ and good score would be 100+.

Section 3: Verbal Ability

Total Questions: 40 |  Total Time: 40 minutes

There were 3 passages having 3, 3 and 4 questions respectively. The passages had one paragraph and each passages had about 400-500 words. A higher weightage was given to the questions based on Vocabulary, where there were 6 direct questions on Antonyms and Synonyms, 5 questions were based on Spelling Mistakes, 4 questions were based on Analogies and 3 questions on Word usage. So, a well-read student would run through these questions very quickly. There were 3-4 questions on Para Jumble and 4-5 questions on Sentence Completion. There were 2 questions each on Conjunction and Passive Voice.

Overall, we can say that this section was also easy in level of difficulty, hence, good attempts should be 36+ and good score to be 88+. A well-read student could have easily scored 120+.


It is very difficult to predict the cut-off of IPMAT 2019 for IIM Rohtak because there is no data on number of test takers and also the exam is being conducted for the first time. But still looking at the number of questions that student attempted, we can say that cut-off should be 225+

Section Good Attempts Good Score
Quantitative Ability 32+ 88+
Reasoning 36+ 100+
Verbal Ability 36+ 88+
Overall 100+ 250+

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