The first thing that you need to know about CAT 2019 online is that the questions are application based on nature. CAT (Common Admission Test) is a test of your aptitude. This is the most important thing that you need to know about this examination. The questions here are designed in such a way that the examiners can check your linking skills. This means that they check you how good you are at connecting your knowledge to the problems on hand. This is not a test where they check how good you are at memorizing formulae. You need to have a strong base in the basic concepts over here. You also need to be adaptable to your thought process.

You need to choose wisely

When you are taking the CAT exam 2019 online you need to be very careful about how you choose the questions that you would answer. You must avoid questions you know you would not be able to answer. You should not take this test as one where the examiners want a sample of your intelligence levels. It is always better to go for safe questions. These are the ones that you know the answer to. A wrong answer could affect your score as well as your percentile.

It is a test of accuracy

While preparing by using the CAT exam syllabus online you need to keep in mind that this is one test where they would test how accurate you can be with your answers as well. In this test how accurate you are, goes a long way in determining the kind of percentile score you get. You should always attempt questions where you know you cannot go wrong with the answers. This way, you would score a lot more than what would happen if you went for glory and ended up making repeated mistakes. 

The system of marking over here is dynamic

The way you would be marked in the CAT test online is dynamic. There are a lot of factors that come in and have an effect in this regard. Every question would be scaled based on how difficult it is. A lot in this case also depends on how many people are attempting it and getting the answer right. Your accuracy would play a major role in determining the kind of percentile ranking you get in the end. This is something that need not be spelled out as such.    


If you are taking CAT 2019 online, it must be because you want a call from one of the IIMs (Indian Institutes of Management). In that case, your sectional percentile cut-off is going to be important as well. At times, it has been seen that even people who got 98 percent on the percentile ranking were not called up by the IIMs. You need to be able to cross a certain threshold to harbor hopes of getting a call up from these elite institutes of excellence. This also implies that you need to focus equally well on all the sections. 

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