About CRT (Campus Recruitment Training)

Campus recruitment training (CRT) is to aid candidates in their preparation for Recruitment through Campuses or outside campuses (i.e On campus or off campus). Logical Reasoning. Resume writing.

Campus Recruitment Training is a comprehensive program designed to train students for all the stages of the campus recruitment process done at various colleges especially Engineering colleges.


To make the selection process more efficient, recruiters often develop their own testing procedure which may include an aptitude test, psychometric evaluations, group discussions, and finally personal interviews. Although this is not the process followed by every corporate recruiter, this has become the accepted process and a few companies change the elements in the process, for example, through a group exercise and subjective writing test. Thorough preparation of all these areas then becomes essential for any student to develop an edge that would make his or her candidature more appealing during the campus placements drive.

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