Now that every CAT aspirant has started appearing for mock exams, they face a lot of problems from selecting the right question to managing the time in a section. Keeping those in mind, we have identified five pointers (or rules) which can help improve the scores in the Quants section of the mocks.

Rule 1:

While attempting Quants, a student should try to go through the entire section at least twice in the 60 minutes. The time should be divided into 25-30 minutes for the first round, where the objective is to get the maximum number of corrects by attempting the easier ones and then 20-25 minutes for the second round, where the student will attempt the moderate to difficult questions of the paper. The rest 10 minutes is kept as buffer if there is a need.

Rule 2:

Start by attempting the questions asked from your strong areas in the first round and then the remaining in the second round. In the last few years of CAT, especially in the Quant section, questions have been asked from every possible area and chapter. So, every aspirant will get few too many questions from their stronger areas. The objective is to get them correct as fast as they can and then attempt the rest.

Rule 3:

If you have the slightest of doubt about getting the right answer, within the first minute of attempting a question, you will have to decide whether to continue solving the question or to leave it. It’s one of the most difficult things to do while attempting a question, as the student has already invested time. Mock exams should be used to practice how, when and what to leave. While attempting mocks, we should also leave aside our ego. It’s one of the most common problems that many students whose strength is Mathematics face, as they are unable to leave a question that they cannot answer.

Rule 4:

Try to avoid any new type of question in the mock as it might use up quite a lot of time. Secondly, while writing mocks, we should focus more on getting a good score than to show our knowledge of that area. The same question should be attempted when the student does an analysis of the performance in the mock.

Rule 5:

Answer options in many cases can take us to the correct answer easily. So, while reading a question, one should take a note of the option choices so that if needed, those can be used. Every year in CAT, there are many questions, which can be answered through options. So, if someone has never practiced answering that way, it will become difficult to use on the actual day.

All the best!

Written by:

Samrat Roy

Team Endeavor

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