Exam Analysis: AILET 2017

Total Questions: 150
Total Marks: 150
Total Duration: 90 minutes
Negative Marking: No Negative Marking

Section 1: English
No. of Questions: 35
This was the easiest section of the entire paper. One surprising element in the section was near absence of reading comprehension based questions. There was one passage on ‘unorganized sector labour’, but all 10 questions from this passage were vocabulary based. There were approximately 10 more question on vocabulary knowledge. Rest of the section was taken up by grammar. The areas being tested were antonyms-synonyms, idioms & phrases, spot the error, fill in the blanks etc. Pattern and difficulty level of this section was at par with last year’s. Genuine attempts in this section would be 31+, with 28+ being considered a good score.

Section 2: General Knowledge
No. of Questions: 35
True to its trend, this year also AILET GK section was a mixture of current affairs, general science, international affairs, general science etc. The current affairs questions were twisted and not many of them were obvious facts, e.g. instead of Indian medal tally in Rio Olympics the question was asked on number of medals won by India in Special Olympics World Winter Games. There were 4-5 questions on general science topics like waves used in WiFi & LiFi technologies, material used in making thinnest light bulb filament, use of silica gel in first aid kits etc. Overall, the section was a tad tougher compared to last year. An estimated genuine attempts of 27+ with 23+ correct can be considered satisfactory.

Section 3: Legal Aptitude
No. of Questions: 35
Questions in legal aptitude section were on predictable lines. There were 12 questions of Principle-Fact type, 8 questions were of Assertion-Reasoning type and rest of the questions were from Legal GK. For the test takers toughest nut to crack would be legal GK. There were abundance of questions from constitutional provisions, amendment acts, judicial verdicts etc. Overall the section can be considered Moderate to Tough. Students with solid knowledge base could have attempted 30+ questions with around 26+ of them correct.

Section 4: Reasoning
No. of Questions: 35
Reasoning was the lengthiest and toughest of all sections. Critical reasoning questions were typically AILET. Topics covered under this section were strong-weak arguments, statement-assumption, and inference-conclusion. There were paragraph based questions which were tough as well as time consuming. Analytical reasoning was comparatively easy. Topics like sitting arrangement, direction sense, blood relation, sequence & series etc. were covered. These questions were mostly do-able. An attempt of 28+ questions with 24+ correct is a good score in this section.

Section 5: Mathematics
No. of Questions: 10
The section has a total of 10 questions covering topics like time & work, mensuration, time-speed-distance, simple interest-compound interest, ratio-proportion etc. There was one question on permutation & combination also. The questions were of only moderate difficulty level. The students who were able to manage their time properly through other section to give sufficient time in mathematics should be able to attempt almost all the questions with 7+ of them correct.

Note: As there was no negative marking, lot of students would have attempted all questions. The suggested good attempt and good score are the net genuine attempts and score obtained from it.


Section Total Questions Level of difficulty Good score
English 35 Easy to Moderate 28+
General Knowledge 35 Moderate to tough 23+
Legal Aptitude 35 Moderate to tough 26+
Reasoning 35 Tough 24+
Mathematics 10 Easy to Moderate 7+
Overall 150 Moderate to tough 103+

Cut-offs: Overall good score will be slightly less than the total of all the good scores as it is difficult to get good score in each section. Also, due to a slight increase in the overall difficulty level of the paper our experts predict a nominal decrease in cut-off score this year. Hence, expected cut-off score can be in the range, 101 to 105 marks.

AILET result is tentatively scheduled to be released on 18th May. Wishing all the students a great luck for results!

Also, check the video analysis of AILET 2017.

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