Endeavor In News | October 2020

The Hans India | Online Classes part of a new way of life

The pandemic has brought a new paradigm shift in the dissemination of education. In order to maintain the flow of teaching the academic institutions have switched to the online method of teaching, the decision that has received applause as well as its share of criticism. Vivek Tuteja, Chairman and mentor, Endeavor Careers talks to The Hans India on the burgeoning issue of the online mode of teaching. 

1. Is online education the future or if we can say a new way of life?

It’s part of the new way of life. In the new world of 4G connectivity and reduced physical interaction what educators have realized how blocked, they were in their mindset vis a vis traditional delivery tools are concerned. What we will see emerging now is students as a consumer of the content become more aware and confident on how he learns.  Consequently, we will see a lot of dispensation to move to high quality pre-recorded videos, interactive online lectures, personalized coaching, and traditional feel and experience classroom learning.
Read more here.   Vivek Tuteja   

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Careers 360 | Change in CAT 2020 Exam pattern a welcome change

The CAT 2020 exam pattern has undergone a major change with the duration of the entrance test being reduced to two hours from the regular three hours. Right now the candidates are still wondering if there will also be a reduction in the total number of questions in each section. 

In this regard, Vivek Tuteja, Chairman and CEO of Endeavor Careers says though there might be fewer questions it is difficult to predict as in the past also there have been 60 questions which the candidates had to answer. Read more here.  

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The Hans India | Experts hail CET

Common Eligibility Test (CET) for recruitment to non-gazetted posts in Central government and public sector banks from 2021, announced by the government in March, is welcomed by education experts. The aim of the CET is to do away with multiple examinations conducted by several agencies. With the Union Cabinet giving its approval, the Union government is all set to hold CET through National Recruitment Agency to fill vacancies in public sector banks, railways, and State & Central bodies.

Vivek Tuteja, chairman, CEO, and chief mentor at Endeavor Careers, feels that CET will give a fair chance to all candidates.

“Standardized testing across positions and geographies will create ease of access and give a fair chance to all candidates. Candidates now will have to target specific scores in only one exam, which will become a benchmark across vacancies. The chaos of different exams and syllabus will no longer prove stressful and job aspirants can singularly focus on the exam with clear patterns and syllabus and will be able to apply for multiple jobs,” he explains. Read more here

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India Today | How Non-Engineers Can Crack CAT Exam

What it takes an engineer to crack a CAT is what will it take a non-engineer to crack CAT. Mettle! A simple answer to this question is to develop the mettle not just for CAT but also for interviews.

Let’s assume the non-engineer is targeting CAT 2021 and has 14 months of preparation.

For simplicity lets the contents of this article in 3 parts. Why? What? and How?

Why is the most neglected question a future MBA aspirant should focus his energy on?

This comes to haunt him in his interview stage and even during his career if one is approaching the career superficially. “Why MBA?” – The aspirant will have to find his answer or at least understand what the degree opens doors to. I would recommend 2 hours a week to be spent on being more aware of such opportunities.

This is a continuous research habit one should develop. This will involve reading on business magazines to be more aware about business environment and Who’s Who.

It shall also involve understanding the b-school course, start-ups, and outlier achievers. An answer to this question is not essential but understanding what value B-School will add is imperative if one is taking it as a stepping stone for a successful satisfying career rather than a higher paycheque in 2024. Read more here.

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Endeavor In News | September 2020

Time of India | Yash Gandhi an Endeavorian defies cerebral palsy & dyslexia to make it to IIM

Yash needs the services of a scribe to take written examinations. He limps but dares to travel by local train in Mumbai. His speech is slurred but his emotions convey his thoughts with utmost clarity.

If you thought cracking CAT was challenging, 21-year-old Yash Avadhesh Gandhi’s journey to IIM-Lucknow should count as an epic story of triumph against all odds. 

Yash has cerebral palsy, dyslexia, and dysarthria, a condition that weakens the muscles we need for speech. But none of these conditions could prevent him from acing CAT-2019 with a percentile score of 92.5. Making it to IIM-Lucknow under the persons with disabilities quota for the academic session 2020-22, the gritty and gregarious Mumbaikar couldn’t be happier. “I am delighted to be a part of IIM-L,” Yash, who has been attending online classes from home since last month, told TOI. Read more here 

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