What it is about?

The objective of the Loan Helpdesk is to create a hassle-free and unbiased platform for Education Loan based on the need of a student, whereby handhold him/her through the entire process to facilitate prompt financial assistance for higher studies.

Whom it is for?

The Helpdesk assists CAT, CMAT, GRE, GMAT and BBA students who have secured eligibility in admissions in Indian or overseas institutes.

The Loan Product Details:

1. Education loans can be provided to the students who have secured a seat in the colleges in
India and universities abroad.
2. The loan depends on various factors like the course chosen, institute ranking, borrower
details, GRE / GMAT scores, collaterals, and student background.
3. The rate of interest may vary from bank to bank or other financial institution or NBFC. The main components or deciding factors for loan are, whether the loan provided is secured or
unsecured. However, the range is from 10 to 16%.

How can the student avail the service?

1. The student can directly get in touch with the HO Education loan Helpdesk team via
telephone or drop a message to the team @ 8469699292/ 8128735323.
2. The student can also get in touch with their respective center heads/coordinators.

Benefits for the students:

1. One-point access to all major education loan Companies- Banks and NBFC.
2. Best deal for Endeavor students.
3. Experts at work to handle the queries on behalf of the students and assisting them in getting the best proposition.
4. 24X7 assistance.