Get Ready for Campus Placement Training at Endeavor

Get Ready for Campus Placement Training at Endeavor

The concept of on-campus placement comes with a rich deal of incentives for all members involved. The students get an opportunity to secure a job in their preferred stream during their education, and companies get fresh candidates that they can groom as per their business requirements. Today, on-campus placements aren’t confined to engineering fields only. You can secure offer letters before appearing for your final exams even if you belong to management, commerce, architecture, design, and other disciplines. However, keep in mind that a campus placement isn’t a cakewalk by any means, and you need to get rigorous placement training to perform well in these recruitment drives.

Training and placement go hand in hand with regard to on-campus recruitments. Students who join credible campus recruitment training institutes like Endeavor Careers enjoy a happy path to their placement. We groom your personality, enrich your knowledge, and make you ready for the corporate world via our optimized placement training courses. On-campus placements happen in rounds, many of which are elimination rounds, and only the ones who perform well throughout the phases get to sit for the final interview. Here’s a brief overview of the various events you can expect in a typical recruitment drive:

Pre-Placement Talks

The company briefs the aspirants about their work culture, target audience, what they’re looking for in the candidates, and the positions on offer.

Written Test

This is often an elimination round, and therefore you need to prepare for this test religiously by joining a campus recruitment training to ensure you qualify for the next round.

Ground Discussion

GDs are always tricky, and even the best speakers sometimes flutter because of the lack of time and added pressure of the recruitment drive. Endeavor Careers offers exclusive GD training to refine your oral skills so you feel confident when speaking in front of employers and other candidates.

Technical Interview

All the hard work that you have put during your placement training is put to test in the technical interview round to assess your academic competency.

Formal Interview

Candidates that are able to clear all the preceding rounds appear for a formal HR interview. Your overall presence, attire, personality, thought process, etc., is assessed during this interview.

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