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Education Abroad Consulting

When you think of studying abroad, what are your first thoughts?

  • A very good program!
  • Good reputation!
  • Good placements!

But most importantly, which are these good programs? And how do you secure an admit to these good programs? The answer to all these questions is Endeavor Education Abroad Consulting.

About Education Abroad Consulting

Endeavor Education Abroad Consulting is an end-to-end admissions assistance service by Endeavor, the market leader in preparation for international standardized tests like GRE, GMAT, SAT, etc.

The services included under our Education Abroad Consulting are:

  1. Candidate profiling and identifying programs that suit the candidate’s requirements
  2. Assistance with every step of the application process
  3. Customized Statement of Purpose/B-school essays
  4. Individualized Letters of Recommendation inputs
  5. Application packet dispatch
  6. Assistance with documents after admits, including I-20
  7. Guidance regarding financial assistance including Education Loans
  8. Student Visa assistance including interview preparation
  9. Forex Services guidance

Why choose Endeavor for Study Abroad?

  • Best Students to Admits ratio with 200% Sucess Rate till date and Minimum 2 admits per student
  • 13 Ph.D. admits among 5 students in 2018
  • 30+ Students with Scholarships and Tuition waiver including 100% Scholarship in 2018
  • 180+ Admits in top 25 Programs in 2018 across the US, Europe, Canada, Asia Pacific, and Australia
  • End-to-End Support and Personalized Mentoring
  • Customized Statement of Purpose (SOP) – To bring out the best in your profile
  • Global application assistance

Education Abroad Results Fall 2020

file_downloadEducation Abroad

Select Appearance Year & Preparation Duration for Education Abroad

Phase 1

Counselling & Application


Candidate Profiling & Application Process

  • Program Indentification
  • SOPs
  • Resume
  • LORs
  • Application Review & Dispatch
Phase 2

Post Application Support


Assistance with documents after application

  • Admission Interview Preparation
  • Student Visa assistance
  • Education Loan
  • Forex Service Guidance
  • Pre-departure seminar
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