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The M.S. (Master of Science) is a general term used for all post graduate qualifications awarded by universities outside India, in any field of study. The M.S. provides an edge to your career that you otherwise would have taken years of professional experience to develop.

Why M.S.

From being an additional qualification, to becoming a mandatory academic requirement in MNCs for a good profile, the Master of Science (equivalent to all Master’s degrees issued in India and elsewhere), is currently the most sought after course by Indian students travelling to the US and elsewhere for higher studies.

A Master’s degree in the US and other countries serves a multi-fold purpose. It provides you a greater insight into the field of your choice. When you develop interest in a certain subject towards the end of your graduation, the desire to know more leads you to a M.S. degree as a natural progression. It definitely provides you exposure to better, at times even advanced, technological (and other) setups. The compensations provided to Master’s students, are beyond a doubt much better than regular engineering graduates.

A Master’s degree jet-starts your career, with a faster growth track, so much that a few years into your role, you get a combination of technical as well as managerial exposure. And finally, majority of the Master’s degree curriculum is designed to cater to both, your professional as well as research requirements, thereby paving the path for a further doctorate (Ph.D., M.Phil, and M.Res) degree.

Overall, an M.S. makes the dream company that much more accessible and opens the gates since they recruit from the top universities. Most of the colleges and universities primarily accept GRE for admission to their master and Ph.D. programmes.


Institutes abroad accept GRE scores for their M.S. programmes.
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