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BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) is a degree course designed to give a broad aspect of the basic functional areas of a company like Marketing, Finance, Human Resources, Operations and Logistics, etc and their interrelations, while also allowing for specialization in a particular area of interest. Management has become one of the most demanded fields of the corporate world today. Aspiring students today, after finishing their Std. XII or Junior College, opt in for a BBA, which is a 3-year BBA program or for BBA + MBA which is a 5-year integrated Management program.


Several aspects of a BBA degree position the student in such a way that he or she can reach out for a hands-on job experience. BBA course from a reputed university is a stepping stone to enter the corporate world. Every industry now looks for professional managers who can manage and lead businesses. The expanse of several subjects that one can train in through a BBA also opens up several career paths for a professional in the management domain.

Entrepreneurs learn a lot from their own experience of developing and running a business and a degree in BBA helps to gather the right information and have a better understanding about various aspects of the business. The exposure to all these areas ensures that a BBA not only helps one in jobs but also in the sustainability of their own entrepreneurial venture in this competitive age.

Undergraduate BBA course imbibes the right learning of basic management theories comprehensively. The topics like business economics, basic accounting principles, Sales and Marketing, Finance Management, Business Law, Ethics, Data Analysis, etc. help in the development of right, focused and holistic approach towards management. Hence, the training that the academia for BBA shall provide gives one an opportunity to work anywhere in the world. The program focuses on best practices followed in major economies around the globe. Also it’s a good start for someone who wants to take his career ahead for a PG program in management.

BBA Entrance Exams

There are majorly three categories of BBA courses offered by top colleges in India, which are split on the basis of the length of the course, 5 Year Integrated Program in Management, 4 Year BBA Program, and 3 Year BBA Program. There are several exams that any aspirant would need to prepare for depending on the target college. Some of the more well-known exams are NPAT, SET (BBA), IPMAT, UGAT, etc.

A good number of institutes in India accept BBA scores for their 5 year integrated programmes.
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