A very tender stage of a student’s life is when he or she is about to finish the schooling and is ready to take the big step to a college. This step often decides what a person wants to become in life. Choosing it wisely and with the right counselling proves to be a good ladder of success and that is where we come into picture to help the students make the best out of their talents.

Recently, we conducted seminars at Lourdes Convent High School for Std 12th Commerce (150 students), Ryan International School for Std 11th and 12th Commerce (140 students), Agarwal Vidhyavihar School for Std 12th Commerce (50 students), CC Shah School for Std 11th and 12th Commerce (110 students) and PR Khatiwala School for Std 12th Commerce (60 students).

The students were guided about every single opportunity like BBA, LAW, CA, and Banking AND Designing. This triggered their minds in the right direction and made them realise about their immediate next step.

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