• A seminar was recently conducted at AISSMS COE and IOIT by our Center Director Ujjwal Nagar, where he addressed the T.E students. The seminar onVarious trends in Higher Education in India & Abroad was an eye opener, fact-based for each student attending it. He also cleared some myths and misinformation regarding various universities’ admission processes & H1B policy change in the US.
  • A seminar on Train to Win focused not just on giving information but on offering a perception about how to train oneself to win.  These seminars were conducted at AISSMS IOIT  and MIT College of Engineering, T.E, Computer department.
  • Seminar titled The Missing Piece was regarding finding that little missing link which might stop you from achieving your dream career. He made the students think about how one can pass through and achieve their dreams. This happened at the Modern College of Engineering, T.E, Information Technology department.



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