2 seminars in Joshi Bedekar College, Thane for BMS, BBI, BFM and BAF covered all the dos and don’ts of MBA and its entrance examinations. The speaker, Sanket Bhatia gave an overview as to how students should prepare themselves to get into the top MBA Colleges of the country. How to start the preparation and from which year to start the same are questions which arise in the mind of many. Answering the same, the second year students were informed about how this year is the right time to commence with the preparation and third year students were motivated by inculcating a thought of it’s never too late to start. Approximately, 230 students were a part of this session.

After churning the facts of MBA, he also got his audience close to the reality of being a professional or in layman’s language, today’s working condition and salaries paid.

He concluded the seminar by motivating the students, saying it’s now or never.