The countdown has begun. With just 30 days to go for CMAT  2016, this is probably going to be the most important phase of your CMAT preparations. This is quite a tricky phase, because almost all of you are already done with solving all the modules at least twice and are pretty much confident about your concepts but, still there is a that stupid feeling of unpreparedness or fear of exam that keeps lurking around in some corner of your mind. Believe me when I say this, the only way to overcome your fear of exams is to face it as Dale Carnegie aptly said “Do the thing you fear, and continue to do so. This is the quickest and surest way of all victory over fear”. In our case, the best way to get rid of this feeling of fear and unpreparedness is to take as many Mock CMATs as possible and finalize a strategy that you will be using on the D Day.

With a Mock CMAT or FLT Scheduled every alternate day on CMATGurus, your schedule as of now can be easily divided into two categories:

  1. Days on which you have your Online Mock CMAT
  2. Days on which you do not have your Online Mock CMATOn the day that you have your Online Mock CMAT, the only thing that you need to do is appear for the Mock CMAT and after your Mock CMAT spend at least 3 to 4 hours on solving and analyzing the entire paper. Identify your strengths and weakness. Find out the questions that you should be getting right but end up getting wrong, or the easy ones that you often miss because of a simple formula. Read all the RCs again and identify your mistakes. After this spend at least an hour for GK. Go through the online GK tests put up on your CMATGurus or CATGurus account.On the day that you do not have your Online Mock CMAT, you should be concentrating on revising and closing up the topics that you left for the “last”. Prepare a section wise revision plan or time table and revise the following topics:


  • Practice at least 6 RCs daily from your RC Module or CMAT Essentials or RC OPATs on
  • Practice at least 10 parajumbles from Verbal Starters and Verbal Logic modules.
  • Practice at least 10 Critical Reasoning questions. Focus on questions based on strengthen, weaken, assumption and logical continuation. You can use Verbal Logic or Verbal quick tests on
  • Solve Verbal Starters.

Quant and DI:

  • From the Mocks, identify your strong and weak chapters and revise the weak chapters as this will help you in increasing the number of attempts in your Mocks.
  • Clear all your doubts of QF 1, QF2, Essentials and Mocks.
  • Brush up your mental calculations as this section in CMAT is all about speed and accuracy.


  • Solve AR sets from Essentials and Mocks. Concentrate on getting the answer rather than on solving the entire set because CMAT will have close to 15 sets of puzzles and arrangement with single questions.
  • Practice 10 questions each of Syllogisms, Statement assumptions, Statement conclusion from Verbal Logic on a daily basis.
  • Identify the mistakes that you make quite frequently and avoid them


  • Complete the GK tests that are uploaded on your CATGurus or CMATGurus account. Study in groups. Have fun.
  • Use Google and Wikipedia to research the related topics
  • Spend at least an hour from today for GK, and hope for the best.The Guru Mantra for this phase of your CMAT Preparations is very simple:
    Appear for all the Mock CMATs. Solve and analyze each and every Mock CMAT very very sincerely.All the Best!!!