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The 2 year MBA program is aimed at making a candidate proficient in all the subjects of management and an expert in one. Generally the first year of a MBA program focuses on giving a student brief idea of all the various subjects related to business followed by 2-3 months of on-the-job project experience. In the second year the student is expected to choose an area of interest and select courses from that field apart from some courses from other fields. The various specializations that can be opted by an MBA broadly are Finance, Marketing, HRM, Operations, IT,Systems, International Business and Foreign Trade, Advertising and Mass Communications, Exports, Accounting, Banking, Insurance, Investment, Entrepreneurship, Social Welfare, Policy,Rural, Agri-Business, Family Business and Telecom.



Professionalism and efficiency in the Agri business will help in improving quality as well as minimise all types of losses and wastage. This course aims to make managers who are educated to work on these lines to put agriculture based businesses in the forefront in the coming years to propel india's next growth cycle. The specialization is designed to trains students to leverage and lead the immense potential agri-business offers in India.



International Management as an specialization attempts to groom managers who understand the global markets, its dynamics and analyze the impact on interaction of economies in this highly globalized world.



Rural management is a about the complex or rather simple environment in which rural organisations work, there is a far greater need for professional management in these organisations. The program is designed to undertake challenging responsibilities in the rural co-operatives and the development organisations.




It's a Niche course offered By Indian Institute of Forest Management , Bhopal (IIFM). The three major specialized modules offered in the two years Post Graduate Programme in Forestry Management (PFM) are Conservation and Livelihood (C&L),Environmental Management (EM) and Developmental Management (DM). The specialization aims to make student understand about the bio-diversity avaialble , its uniqueness and requirement and creating a symbiotic environment where it can be productively used by conserving it as well as being resourceful.



It's a Niche course offered by NITIE which aims to groom young managers who will not only design better procedures and systems but also manage the associated technologies successfully. It also aims to impart skills to develop enterprises into smoothly functioning and efficient supply chains of products, services and information while enforcing internal and external customer relationships.



An MBA in Information Technology Management is designed to educate and develop managers who can effectively manage the planning, design, selection, implementation, use, and administration of emerging and converging information and communications technologies. Big Data is the next buzz word after Cloud Computing!!



Communication Management is a Niche course offered by MICA and SIMC. The specialization focuses to develop student towards understanding the Communication aspecting of Marketing ,i.e, Understanding all the Interaction that a Brand or product may have with its customer through all the available channels . A student aspiring for a career in adversting should look forward to this specialization.



The Curriculum is specifically designed for entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial mangers to encourage critical and lateral thinking, nurture their ambitions and enable new ventures through an academically rigorous, directly relevant and highly practical learning experience. Curriculum Includes Subjects like Entrepreneurial effectiveness , project growth/feasiblity , entrepreurship theory & practices etc.



A specialization in Petroleum Management offers a career in energy & infrastructure Sector. Curriculum in major schools offering the specialization is designed in such a way that student understand basic theories of management subjects and apply them in Energy & Infrasturcture Sector for a focussed development.



NMIMS offers one of its kind program , i.,e MBA in Capital market Management .Program focuses on all major financial markets: equity, fixed income, forex, commodity and derivatives. This program is in collaboration with BSE and has got its own Mock Trading Room.




Conducted by the IIMs and accepted by over 200 Institutions


For admissions in over 5400 institutions across 83 countries


Conducted by AICTE for admissions across Management Institutions in India


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